A group of people standing next to each other holding a  Ukrainian flag

Brightwayz’ cycle-lingo gets refugees back on two wheels

To mark Refugee Week (17-23 June) Modeshift Corporate Premium Partners Brightwayz are sharing their experiences of trialling their ‘Cycle-Lingo’ programme – helping Ukrainian refugees get cycling along with English language support.

The trial involved supporting local Ukrainian refugees to get equipped with everything they needed to cycle for everyday journeys – not just a refurbished bike but also the skills and confidence to cycle in the UK. Some participants learnt to ride from scratch and some ended up bringing their children along to sessions too.

The trial which was funded by DfT Capability and Ambition funding via North Northants Council was successful and over-subscribed. Thanks to ploughed back profits from Brightwayz product sales the scheme is able to continue.

Read more at: www.brightwayz.co.uk/cycle-lingo-gets-refugees-back-on-two-wheels/

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