A presentation took place last week in celebration of Bishop Wood Primary School in Tring winning the prestigious Modeshift STARS ‘Primary School of the Year’ award for an excellent school travel plan.

Ross Butcher, National Chair of Modeshift presented Janet Reeve with Bishop Wood’s well-deserved awards along with an excited audience of staff and pupils to celebrate the occasion, representatives from Hertfordshire County Council also attended the event, held in the beautiful school grounds.

The school has continually sustained its commitment to active travel, and this is reflected in the fact they have maintained Gold Modeshift STARS accreditation for a second time.  Bishop Wood have independently run pedestrian skills training, which school staff have delivered for more than 12 years.  Since the school started working on their Modeshift STARS travel plan many years ago, by promoting active travel they have maintained very low car use for the school journey, with car use averaging around 3-5%. Walking numbers have also been consistently in the 70-75% region.

Well done to everyone involved and congratulations on your Regional and National Awards.


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