Steve Glazebrook

Position: Expert Advisor. Focus on stakeholder engagement and events

Year joined Modeshift: Member of the board since 2012. Expert Advisor since 2019

Career history: Steve started working with Modeshift as regional adviser for the North West in 2012. He then undertook the role as vice-chair for Business and Communities in 2015. In 2019, he kindly accepted a position on the External Advisory Panel.

Steve has worked primarily in the public sector for over 15 years. Working in sustainable transport Steve has developed and implemented several large-scale sustainable transport projects including the transition of BBC staff from London to Media City in Salford. Steve chaired the Greater Manchester Authorities Smarter Choice Group. Providing support, guidance and a collective approach to developing sustainable transport measures for the 10 Greater Manchester Authorities.

Steve has extensive experience of working in the public and private sector. Having worked on a number of sustainable transport projects for a wide variety of audiences including Communities, Business, Education and the Health sector. Providing valuable understanding of the challenges in implementing sustainable transport interventions.

As Account /Business Development Manager for JOJUSOLAR Steven strategically delivers electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects within the public sector, throughout the UK. Providing consultative advice for public sector organisations from initial feasibility, surveying, and management of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure post commissioning.

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