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A collaborative approach to the public realm

Bailey Street Furniture Group’s ‘creating outdoor spaces together’ ethos perfectly encapsulates how we can get the best results in urban renovations and new development projects. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing design ideas and innovation can be brought to fruition with the right products and solutions to meet today’s key goals for public realm design.

Security and anti-terrorism

Engineering and design innovation allows us to integrate hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) barriers into our streetscapes and plazas almost unnoticed in the form of planters, seating and other elements.

Inspira Protect, for example, is a reinforced modular retaining planter system, which is perfect for creating a safe and impenetrable spaces whilst maintaining aesthetic and environmental values. The unit has been IWA 14-1:2013 rated and tested to withstand impact from 1.5 & 2.5 ton vehicles traveling at 30mph.

Inspira Protect is available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to meet the requirements of any site and is part of the Protect Core range of reinforced street furniture elements.  A complete suite of street furniture products that feature enhanced engineered structural qualities that deliver a robust solution that is both practical and flexible.

Creating sustainable communities

Sustainable manufacturing and raw materials should be at the forefront of decisions about street furniture and other streetscape elements. Every product specification needs to consider cradle-to-grave thinking – looking closely at the impact that materials, processes and applications have on our resources and environment.

Designing streetscapes to include more planters and trees will also encourage biodiversity which is so crucial in urban environments, and assist with rainwater management.  The company also recognise the need for improved bike security in public locations without compromising aesthetics, whilst utilising sustainable materials in the manufacture of the facilities, in a bid to encourage cycling as a greener solution to everyday journeys.

20 Years of High-Quality Street Furniture for the Built Environment

Bailey Street Furniture Group is formed of five brands, each offering a unique take on external spaces:

  • Bailey Streetscene – designers, manufacturers and installers of street furniture, canopies and shelters.
  • Artform Urban Furniture – the cutting edge of integrated landscape design, providing the world’s most aspirational and design-led street furniture products.
  • Street Furniture Direct – supplying value-engineered street furniture, barriers, and cycle parking in the shortest lead times.
  • AMV Playgrounds – specialists in playground equipment, permanent outdoor sports solutions and bespoke canopies.
  • Cyclepods – providing modern alternatives to traditional bike storage, focusing on security and aesthetics.

Superb aesthetics

Street furniture has come a long way in the last 20 years. Today both the Bailey Streetscene and Artform Urban ranges offer products that enable architects, landscape designers and clients to create visually stunning outdoor spaces, with elements such as litter bins, seating and planters adding to the aesthetic whether contemporary or traditional in tone.

The connected world

As well as connecting people by creating engaging social spaces, Bailey Street Furniture Group looks to the future of connectivity within the urban environment by investing in Street Furniture with Integrated smart technologies such as inductive charging points, Bluetooth connectivity, digital screens, WIFI Hotspots and more.

The Cyclepods range is at the forefront of technological developments too, supporting the ‘connectivity’ of the public realm. An ever-increasing number of technology-based features are being integrated into its cycle parking and storage solutions, including bike detection, access control and wayfinding solutions, designed to enhance the experience of cycling overall.

Accessibility and inclusivity

Urban design and streetscapes are being transformed in terms of their accessibility for all, driven by the more stringent requirements of the bolstered Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This is something every urban designer or client will have at the top of their agenda, ensuring there is no risk of excluding anyone from enjoying a public space regardless of their disability or impairment.

This is an area where Bailey Street Furniture Group can help. Their street furniture design support and wide range of products helps designers maintain their design intent and vision whilst optimising accessibility.

Sports and play equipment

Solutions available from Bailey’s AMV Playgrounds division provides expertise in all aspects of design for play in the public realm, including trim trails and table tennis, plus more comprehensive facilities including multi-use games areas (MUGAs). This approach is all about making fitness fun and making sure these activities can be provided outdoors as much as possible

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We are delighted to be part of Team Modeshift and share the same aims and objectives to grow and support sustainable travel.

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