Best sustainable travel initiative - Education

This award recognises projects and initiatives for travel to and between education providers, developed by individuals and groups to promote and encourage sustainable travel.

We are looking for applications that do not specifically relate to walking or cycling, eg parking improvement, increasing public transport. Projects can include those that involve multi-stranded elements of sustainable travel, eg. green travel weeks. 

The Education award is sponsored by Pedibal

Hari Bear's Big Adventure

Haringey Walks initiative required a promotion within the borough schools so we created a walking relay for our Hari bear. Engaging with every infant school in the borough to encourage them to join a fun walking exercise that showed them their borough and introduced them to other schools. The focus was on International Walking Month so included knowledge and information of the way others get to school too. We also incorporated some Decade of Action images. This was an important engagement exercise for our Air Quality Apprentice to instigate the ideas about travel relating to air pollution to all of our primary schools too.

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Independent Travel for an Independent Life

Teaching learning-disabled young people and adults to use public transport is having a knock-on effect for more than just travel. At Sheffield City Council we are using Independent Travel Training as a spring board for better life chances for learning disabled adults and it is working well. Travelling by ourselves on public transport is a marker for independence for all of us. We all expect our levels of independence to grow from then on. In the past, we have not given learning disabled people those opportunities, and this has an effect through their entire lives. Now, we teach learning disabled young people and adults to travel on public transport by themselves. As a consequence of this, we are finding that those people are coming back to us demanding not only more travel training to more places, but expecting employment and life chances the same as everyone else. So we have responded to this by working together to offer more.

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JTA Film Project - Active and Sustainable Travel George Eliot Primary School

We received a brief from the school wanting to promote active travel solutions due to the school's desire to promote healthy living and healthy behaviours. All lot of parents/carers would park and idle outside the school gates and the pupils wanted to take a more sustainable mode of transport to school.

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