Using Gov Delivery for targetted E-Communications - A best Practise Project

Stoke-on-Trent City Council, like many councils, use Gov Delivery as a form of communication. Over the past 12 months we have been using it to communicate with various groups on targeted subjects. It works on the same principal as the Modeshift digest but we send ours out monthly.

The project started with a cycling subscribers list of nearly 1500 before we had even put out a newsletter! The email subscription system asks users what they are interested in and cycling was a topic. With a subscription list this big we thought we had better start producing an e-newsletter. This monthly newsletter focuses on seasonal tips, events and quirky news we have found about cycling. We get requests for our cycle and leisure rides maps which we can send out in the post.

Our schools group has over 500 subscribers and we use this newsletter to pass on STARS information, topical news, information about campaigns and best practice. We are often flooded with requests following the release of the newsletter and have encouraged a number of new schools to start their STARS journey. As with all of our newsletters the ‘open rate’ is high and subscribers are clicking through to links we have provided.

The latest e-newsletter is for subscribers interested in Urban Walking. We use this one to give information about events in the local area, local groups they can join, safety tips and we have a ‘Walk of the Month’. Although walking has only been an option on the subscription list for a few months we have over 300 subscribers.

In a time when everyone is pushed for time an e-newsletter is a great way to communicate as recipients can read it at their leisure and engage with us on their own terms. We have certainly engaged with more schools this year than in recent years which has been a massive positive and it is a fantastic tool to remind very busy people that you are still here!



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