Scooter Smart - a Best Practice Project

In Derbyshire in February 2010 we trialled our first ever Scooter Smart course – with the idea to see if encouraging children to scoot to school and do so safely could be a viable way to encourage active travel and reduce car use.

I think if we are honest the idea was initially met with some scepticism but almost 10 years on we’ve now worked with over 23,000 children and scooting is viewed by many as the mode of choice for travelling to school.

Parent surveys have shown that travelling by scooter can be quicker and easier than walking and in some instances it also creates a modal shift away from car. This can be especially encouraged if schools provide scooter storage so parents don’t have to carry the scooter home. That said we’ve discovered some grown up like scooting as much as the children – so much so that some schools now loan out adult scooters so parents join in too!

We’ve also seen fantastic support from our local police safer neighbourhood teams – with officers helping us out on Scooter Smart training days to reinforce the message about pavement courtesy and the need to look out for pedestrians and cars on driveways.

Without tempting fate – we’re not aware of any accidents involving scooting to school and in all this time I’ve only ever fallen off my scooter once. And I was very brave and didn’t cry even though I did tear a hole in the knee of my trousers!



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