Travel Planning - the broad to narrow approach

Travel planning requires a broad to narrow approach for it to be delivered effectively. Gone are the days when a travel plan was created and placed on a shelf to gather dust. Now travel planning is all about the delivery of the travel plan. This uses the travel planning process to outline the steps at which a given site can integrate with its local community reducing the impact in the surrounding areas. Motivations for effective travel planning can be far reaching. The common motivations Modeshift see are reducing congestion, improving air quality, supporting road safety and active travel. If done correctly travel planning can in fact combine all of these factors and deliver a rounded plan that supports the work force, local community and local transport infrastructure. Although travel planning is a broad subject, it ultimately comes down to the movement of people, how they access a given site and the interaction with the local environment that the site resides in. If you would like to know a bit more about Travel Planning we have the STARSFor Effective Travel Planning Conference taking place on the 30th April. Our agenda has now been announced and if you would like to see the full agenda visit our convention page at



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