Space-Saving Cycle Parking for the Workplace

Around 42% of people aged five and over in the UK own a bicycle - that’s about 25 million!

Though a fantastic 700,000 people in the UK have signed up to the Cycle to Work Scheme, this number could be a lot higher, considering the amount of people who own a bike. So what’s putting people off getting on their bike in the morning?

Bikes can be a big investment, so it’s natural that those who own one want to keep it safe. Here lies one reason for fewer cycling commuters; it would seem that the rising popularity of cycling hasn’t been matched by a sufficient rise in places to store bikes securely.

Of course, not every workplace has room for large cycle compounds. Therefore amongst many inner-city offices, schools, train stations and university campuses, there is an increasing need for space-saving cycle storage.

Practical parking facilities can play a big role in encouraging cycling as a viable transport alternative, and you’ll find there are options to equip a range of locations. Take a look at this list of cycle storage innovations for businesses and buildings which struggle to find free space.

Cycle Storage Solutions for Car Parks: You Have the Right to Take up Space!

The Drum

Many businesses are unaware of quite how much space they actually have. It’s all down to priorities. Did you know that you can fit an entirely enclosed shelter (with room for up to six cycles) within the parameters of a car parking space?

Cycle drums can be installed wherever there’s sufficient space, so whether or not you use an existing car park spot is up to you… but why pass up the opportunity to place cycling front and centre? It’s time to remind people quite how much time and space we dedicate to cars, and shine a light on the practical alternatives!

Retro-Fitted Hoop Stands

You no longer need to look for a completely empty area in order to provide cycle parking. You can use specially designed cycle racks to convert existing bollards and lampposts into stands for up to two bikes at a time.

Now, individually this doesn’t sound like much but when installed across a car park and around a building, it really makes a difference; you’ll find cyclists are quickly inspired to make these most of new, secure spots.

Vertical Cycle Parking: When You Can’t Go Outwards, Go Upwards!

The Carousel

A cyclical, space-saving bike carousel provides a vertical solution to storing bikes efficiently. These units are usually designed with a strong, centralised rack – therefore each bike can be secured at multiple points across its frame. Furthermore, this rack also makes it easy to attach a canopy or roof without taking up any more space.

Wall Racks

It’s possible to keep cycle storage close to the building without encroaching too far into the pedestrian area.

By choosing an angled design you can provide a solution which is time efficient as well as space efficient. This is because the racks can ‘cup’ one wheel in place at ground height, leaving gravity to do the rest; all that’s needed is to add the padlock of your choice!

The Two-Tier Bike Rack

This storage solution is increasingly popular at train stations in commuter areas. The idea is to create two levels of bike racks one above the other, thus doubling the capacity without taking up ground space. For those unable to secure their bikes on the top-tier, (due to height restrictions or upper body strength), the ground-level stand removes any potential restrictions for cyclists, making it usable for all!

Don’t let your workplace get away with insufficient cycle storage!

Whether or not there are already parking facilities in place, there’s always room for more; why not suggest one of these sustainable, practical solutions at your next meeting…?



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