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Over the last year and a half we’ve been working with 12 of Haringey’s schools to target parents who continue to drive to school. We’ve had a lot of fun implementing our successful air quality and walking zone workshops - pupils go outside to plot the zones themselves, creating a realistic walk zone map for their school.

Leaflets and resources are produced and used as a basis for pupil led awareness raising activities. In the Summer term this year six schools promoted the launch of their walk zone map as a Car Free Day and hosted a range of activities in their playground including Golden Lock Competitions, Dr Bikes, Air Quality Snakes and Ladders, conversations about the walk zone map and Personalised travel plan for parents. We’ll be carrying out 300 conversations at each school involved in the project. Most of these will be with parents but also some with local residents who live in the streets around the school.

Year 1 schools have already received a combined total of 1800 PTP’s and 500 Haringey Smarter Travel Pledges were made by parents who committed to make changes to the way they travel. PTP is a great way to reach out to parents and residents – face to face conversations about specific journeys that they do, with advice and suggestions tailored to fit with their lives, desires and motivations.

We asked participants how many other people they lived with and as such we know the first year of the project alone has the potential to directly influence the travel behaviours of 6,736 residents of the London Borough of Haringey.

There has been a decrease in car use for the journey to school of between 1% and 6% at five out of the six schools initially involved, and we’re excited to see what our follow up PTP’s will tell us about the travel behaviours of those who participated in year 1. Watch this space …



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