free2cycle- Motivating Sustainable Commuting

free2cycle is shaking things up and enabling sustainable, measurable carbon reduction for individuals, organisations and government by motivating active commuting. With only around a 4% using a bike on a regular basis we have a long way to go to emulate the likes of Holland or cities like Cambridge.

We are at a tipping point, the challenges of inactivity and the problems it causes and the critical need to value and improve our environment weigh one side of the scale. On the solution side of the scale we have: Technology which allows us to measure the environmental benefit of each commute mile and e-bikes with opens up cycling to a much wider market; Removal of barriers to entry, with free2cycle there is no upfront cost to organisations who only fund measurable results and earn a healthy return and measurable environmental savings while individuals earn a bike of their choice by riding it rather than paying for it.

I believe we have a responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity to address wellbeing and sustainability. The good news is that awareness has never been greater. We do however need more people to step up to the plate, do the right thing, now! We can’t afford an increasing number of people and families being exposed to ill health, depression or early death simply because we are not motivating people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and that of our environment.

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