Modeshift CPD Accredited Training – “Introduction to Travel Plans”

We are looking forward to hosting our next ‘Introduction to Travel Plans” CPD Accredited Training, which will be taking place in Sheffield on the 2nd October.

Effective travel planning is a key issue that we see on a day to day basis throughout all of our regions. No longer are we in the days when a travel plan sits on a shelf gathering dust waiting for the moment for someone to gaze upon it only for a single snippet of information.

Effective travel planning is about the full cycle process of creating, developing and delivering on the travel plan. It is only with this process that you can ensure a travel plan works towards its intended objectives and delivers local impact, whether it be a school, work place or a residential area.

We have developed this course with local authority members of staff in mind that are new to this area and will be working with schools, work places and/or residential travel plans. Specifically, the course will look at: Introducing travel plans, developing the travel plan document, travel plan initiatives and what makes an effective travel plan.

If you would like more information about the Introduction to Travel Plans course that is taking place in Sheffield on the Tuesday 2nd October, visit



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