Hello from Stylebrands

For those who may not know us very well yet we’ll use this space as an introduction to Style Brands. We supply:

- Promotional Products

- Sports-, Work- and Safety wear

- Printed Literature (e.g. leaflets, posters, brochures)

- Office Supplies and Furniture

- Web and Graphic design

Based in the Kent countryside near Canterbury, we are a family business and one of the longest standing Modeshift Partners. Working with Modeshift grew very organically for us as suppliers to Transport for London for well over a decade, providing everything from graphic design to T-Shirts to high visibility goods, water bottles, travel wallets and pin badges.

Recent Work & Projects

London Borough of Hackney / Chassidic JTA Resource
At the start of this year we completed an adaptation of the existing JTA resource with Hackney Council, creating a version that is appropriate for Chassidic (Hasidic) schools in the local area. Hackney has a very tight knit Jewish community, which the council has often had difficulties engaging with in regards to sustainable travel and behaviour change. They will use it to help pave the way for a better relationship between the various local Chassidic communities, and spark more conversations about road safety and sustainable travel within Chassidic groups around the UK. Style Brands illustrated Jewish child characters (boys only) travelling in a number of modes, and together with Hackney amended the text and layout of the brochure. So far the resource has received positive feedback and a number of boys schools report that their students have enjoyed using them.

If this is something you think could use within your Local Authority and would like more information on, please contact anuschka@stylebrands.co.uk.

London Transport Museum / YTA Products
Our ongoing relationship with the Museum has seen a large number of products produced for many of the schools participating in the YTA Scheme. We regularly supply travel card wallets (“Oyster wallets”), pedometers, vinyl banners and posters often printed with winning students’ drawings. Schools run various drawing competitions to highlight the aspects of road safety they’ve been working on over the year and the competitions often run across different year groups, which means a great range of subjects and interpretations come through for printing. A few of the subjects students have discussed are:

- Treating others with kindness, respect and consideration while travelling
- Crossing the road safely (Stop, Look, Listen)
- Zebra crossings
- Use of Mobile Devices while travelling
- Benefits of Active Travel

Love To Ride (Modeshift Partner) / Bike Seat Covers
We worked with fellow Modeshift Partner Love to Ride to develop their own bespoke custom printed bike seat covers, which they have gone on to use at trade shows, hand out to happy customers and generally use to help promote their work in getting more people cycling, more often. The covers are colour matched to Love To Ride’s branding with their simple, eye-catching heart icon design printed over the top. We think they look great!

Contact Details

If you have any questions, would like to know more about a particular product, service or perhaps not quite sure where to start with a campaign or initiative, please give us a call on 01795 890 900, email info@stylebrands.co.uk or visit our website www.stylebrands.co.uk.

To see our most popular clothing garments please click follow link here: CLOTHING

Anuschka Natley is your Modeshift Representative at Style Brands, she is contactable via anuschka@stylebrands.co.uk



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