Meet the Modeshift Team - Polly Stebbens

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: School Travel Advisor, Brighton & Hove City Council

Modeshift Board Responsibility: South East Regional Representative

How long have you been with Modeshift? Nearly 6 years.

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? Walking. It’s free, helps keep you fit, and lets you connect with what’s around you. I walk a lot, including 1 ½ miles each way to work and back every day, and love the chance to spend the time watching seasonal changes, having a chat with friends I bump into, and catching up on podcasts. I also am part of a Fitbit challenge every week (a group of friends competing for how many steps we do each week). The walking helps me win the challenge quite often!

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I am a cat fosterer – we look after cats for a local charity until they get re-homed. Some have been strays, and some need homing for other reasons. It’s really interesting getting to know their personalities as they are all so different. We have 2 tabby females at the moment who have lived together their whole lives, but one is a bit scared of the other. The scared one hides all day, but runs around the house at night having fun while the other one sleeps. The previous foster we had was huge, weighing in at over a stone. It was a struggle to pick him up!

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Working with several nurseries to support them in reaching Modeshift STARS Gold. They are really pleased and proud of their achievements. I’ve enjoyed watching how they have progressed over the time I have supported them, especially one tiny nursery who weren’t sure when they started their STARS journey if they would be able to reach Gold, but they achieved it earlier this year.

What do you do for fun? Tap dancing. I am not very good, but it’s very entertaining, and requires a lot of concentration. It also adds to my Fitbit step count! I have also rediscovered art recently, and like being artistically creative when I can find the time.



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