Solutions for the School Run

Inconsiderate parking outside schools is a reoccurring problem that seems to have no solution. It seems whatever we try and do, the problem goes a way for a while before returning to haunt us again. Many drivers will say they are ‘only there for a moment, what harm are they doing’. Others simply seem unaware of how their behaviour affects young children.

To address this York has developed an animated film about 2 minutes long, as well as 3 shorter animations of about 30 seconds using parody to highlight the effect inconsiderate driver behaviour around school has on children from their point of view.

The humour appeals to children and adults alike, whilst giving a serious message. All four animations can be found at (scroll down to find the ‘shorts’ or on You Tube

The resource was funded through the Access Fund and now that it has just been launched York would like to share it with colleagues in other local authorities. When shown at the regional meeting in Leeds, feedback was very positive with several colleagues asking to use it when the product was finally ready. Well here it is ready to use. York hope colleagues find it a useful addition to their resources for schools.



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