Meet the Modeshift Team - Steve Glazebrook

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Vice-chair for Business & Communities

Modeshift Board Responsibility: Provide stakeholder engagement support for developing our membership with Local Authorities and partners. Also, supporting a strategic approach and decision making around new practices and funding.

How long have you been with Modeshift? Since 2012 time has really gone so fast.

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? The easiest way of all walking I find it relaxing, sociable and an independent way of travelling.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I really don’t like heights so taking on the Sydney harbour bridge climb was a big challenge and no it did not help to overcome my fear of heights!

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Working on a Rail community engagement project with young people who had a number of personal problems and seeing them develop and build confidence through the duration of the project.

What do you do for fun? Countryside walking I find it very rewarding. Also, i enjoy socialising with friends. On the other side of the spectrum predicting when, if ever, my team Everton will win anything again. I also enjoy tennis.

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