New Partner Peddle My Wheels tell us about their services

Peddle My Wheels is a business that aims to encourage cycling by making bikes affordable for everyone.

In 2014 we started our pop-up bike markets, giving the public the opportunity to buy and sell used bikes. These public, second-hand bike markets have become our flag-ship event. We now run school markets that are a great opportunity for parents to clear out their outgrown and unwanted bicycles. This creates an affordable bike stock for their community

We try to alternate our markets between the affluent and less affluent areas in order to generate bike stock that can be sold cheaply to those that need it more. The success of the markets has led to us working with 15 local authorities throughout the capital.

Our latest project, 'Try Before You Buy', was launched in 2017. By using a combination of cycle training, continual mentoring and offering affordable payment terms we have achieved a 98% success rate in getting non-cyclists on bikes.

We are keen to expand these projects in to other areas outside of London and hope by joining Modeshift we are able to achieve this.

Alper Muduroglu



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