Gold Award for Wigan Council

Wigan Council is one of twenty businesses that have been celebrated for inspiring thousands of people across Greater Manchester to opt for more sustainable journeys to work.

The companies picked up gold, silver or bronze certificates from Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM’s) Travel Choices team for encouraging employees to walk, cycle, car-share or take public transport.

Rebecca Heron, director for economy and skills at Wigan Council said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded the gold award from TfGM as we have worked extremely hard to encourage employees to think about their travel arrangements over the last two years as part of the Staff Deal.

“In addition to promoting walking, bus and train alternatives, we have introduced a car sharing initiative in a bid to lower carbon emissions with the added bonus of reserved parking spaces and reduced fuel costs.

“We also kick-started a bike-pooling programme, allowing staff to travel to nearby meetings or site visits on either an electric or hybrid bike, which is great for both the environment and health and wellbeing.

“We look forward to continuing this work and encouraging more people to travel green.”



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