Partner Blog from Brightkidz - School Cycle & Scoot Shops, Big Pedal, Air Quality and More

Hello everyone, I’m Alison from Brightkidz. Here’s an update on how we are supporting your active travel initiatives through our products, partnerships and practical tips.

Product News - Cycle & Scoot Shop Starter Packs: Following on from the success of our Reflector Shop Starter Packs, our new Cycle & Scoot Shop Starter Packs enable pupils to start a stall selling items to brighten and inspire their rides. The pack includes 160 fun, high vis items and 10 copies of books including ‘Why Animals Can’t Ride Scooters...and you can’’. Even better news… this activity helps schools achieve STARS accreditation. Pack cost: £119, see our website for more details.

Partnership News - Sustrans Big Pedal, Lewisham Air Quality and Wheelchair Users: Talking of cycling and scooting, we’re pleased to announce we are supporting Sustrans’ Big Pedal, their annual bike or scoot-to-school competition from 23 April to 4 May. Lots of prizes to be won so make sure your schools know about it.

Brightkidz is not just ‘all things bright’. This month we will be helping to deliver an Air Quality workshop for Lewisham schools in partnership with MP Smarter Travel and London Borough of Lewisham. Look out for our blog where we’ll be sharing some of the ideas from the event.

And Brightkidz is not just for kids! We’re working with a wheelchair users to develop products and information to support this group of vulnerable road users. If anyone else is working in this area and wants to get involved please get in touch.

Practical Tips - Road Awareness For Toddlers, Bright Bags and Travel Tales: As always, we’ve been very active in sharing good ideas via our blog and enews. Recent features include the story of Laura, a mother who set up her own organisation to promote road awareness for toddlers and includes free tips for parents.

Croydon Council’s annual Brighten Your Bag competition is also featured in our blog alongside ways to use the concept with schools you work with.

For World Book Day we had a post co-written by Modeshift’s Rob Bounds on active-travel themed books and related practical ideas for the classroom.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, remember to Sign up to Bright News to keep informed of all the help we can give you and your schools through products, partnerships and practical tips.

Thank you for reading.

Alison Holland, Projects and Partnerships, Brightkidz

Brightkidz is a social enterprise promoting active travel and road safety initiatives.



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