World Champion cyclist shares his views - News from Room 9 Media

World Champion endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont talked to Room 9 Media about everything from his own cycling adventures to the practicalities of getting more people on their bikes as the lockdown eases.

Mark holds the record for cycling round the world, accomplishing the breath taking feat in under eighty days. He talked about people who might wish to take up cycling for the first time or after a lengthy break.

“There's a massive amount of research that’s been done on how you integrate cycling into your life systematically. So it just doesn't become a thing which happens once a month with friends when you have a moment of inspiration, but it's something which you genuinely do every day in a small way.

“And certainly if you live in an urban environment, having the habit to pick up the bike rather than the car keys for journeys, which are less than two miles, is something which you need to do with a bit of practice to start with".

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