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As we emerge from lockdown, getting your active travel campaign messages out there has never been more important. Social distancing means we need to ease the burden on public transport and minimise car journeys where possible.

Walking, scooting and cycling are the way to do this. So to help you promote your messages to encourage more people to travel in active ways, we've launched our Covid-19 Safety range of products which can be custom printed with your campaign logo. For most, the minimum order is just 100.

Here's a quick intro of some of our initial products in the range... see what you think:

Face Coverings: these are recommended for use by adults and children over the age of two on public transport and in shops to help combat the spread of the virus. These can be printed all over in your design or logo - or simply kept plain in your choice of colour.

Hand Sanitiser: washing hands when out and about is easy with this pocket-size bottle. Having your active travel message printed on it is a visible reminder.

Hygiene Tool: use this to avoid touching surfaces when you are out in public - for when you need to open doors, use PIN pads, press traffic light buttons or unhook gates. Your printed logo will keep them reminded of your campaigns.

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