National E-scooter Trials

Does your authority want to take part in the upcoming e-scooter trials safely??????

Scoot Fit have the only E-scooter Share Docking System available that provide a solution to authroties that don’t want dockless escooters being littered over pavements causing a hinderance or nuisance.

Each station holds 12 push or e-scooters and be strategically placed along commuting routes to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

To reduce accidents and help local communities adapt to this new mode of transport Scoot Fit recommends using push scooters for the first 6 months of the trial and then if authorities feel the community is ready they will add escooters.

Scoot Fit also advises implementing their nursery, school, leisure centre and business training in local communities to support the scooter share so users become more confident and competent at scooting.

No other operator in the trials can provide this unique service to make users safer.

If you are thinking about having an e-scooter trial, Scoot Fit have been a Modeshift partner for 4 years and have a great reputation and knowledge for successfully delivering this service for communities.

Please contact Scoot Fit today for more information.



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