How Covid-19 has impacted work - news from a Modeshift Expert Advisor

We are in unprecedented times! So, what have I been doing with my unexpected time at home? I am fortunate to live in a lovely area that encourages walking and cycling. I find active travel is a great way to help with my health and well-being and is helping me through these difficult times. Also, to pass time I have tried a number of games, quiz, jigsaws etc I decided to try online chess. Initially, very disheartening playing against a computer as we know it takes a while to work out your move only for the computer to reply in a split second and invariably beat me! Decided not for me! Then found I could play against other people online much better option after blowing dust off my chess skills started to win some matches happy days!

I am missing sport on TV I realised this is a problem when recently I watched match of the day showing classic games and I celebrated a goal that was about 15 years ago! Need to get out more!!

For a number of years, I was the regional representative for the North West for Modeshift. I then undertook the challenge to undertake the role of vice chair for business and communities which I enjoyed. In the last year, I moved from the public sector to undertake a role as principal transport planner for Jacobs consultancy. I was keen to continue to work with such a great organisation and was happy to undertake a position on the new Modeshift expert panel. We are currently defining the role of the panel which we will share when completed. I look forward to being part of the continued success of Modeshift.

Workwise, For some time, I have been working on developing transport delivery plans across towns in Cheshire. Considering Covid 19 the plans will play a major part in the movement of people across industry, education and leisure.

The Transport Delivery Plans are being developed following the adoption of the Cheshire East Council Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4) in October 2019. Phase 2 of the Local Transport Plan will focus on how the issues and opportunities identified in the Boroughwide strategy relate to specific areas within Cheshire East in the form of Town Delivery Plans.

The Delivery Plans seeks to build on past achievements; including those guided by the LTP4, whilst also responding to local, regional and national changes since the previous Cheshire East LTP was adopted in 2011.

The Delivery Plans sets out a list of potential transport options and initiatives for the area to be developed and delivered over the lifespan of the LTP4. This evidence-led study has enabled an understanding of various transport-related issues and the wider area identified through the baseline review of all transport modes, including public transport, private car and active travel.

The Delivery Plans will provide improved and new travel choices for accessing, work and leisure. Whilst improving health benefits for residents and employees.

Steve Glazebrook, Modeshift External Advisor and Principal Transport Planner at Jacobs



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