Working from home during Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home if I need to under normal circumstances but I haven’t been able to leave my home since last Tuesday and have to get used to this being the ‘norm’ for the foreseeable future. The benefit of working from home is that the commute is really short, negotiating the cats on the stairs is much easier than a half hour drive in heavy traffic! The decrease in air pollution is definitely a plus side of enforced lockdown but we need to be thinking about how we can maintain these lower levels of NO2 whilst not destroying the economy.

I am taking this opportunity of catching up on numerous pieces of work that normally have to wait until the summer holidays when schools are closed. I am revisiting projects and initiatives that may not have been delivered for a number of years, updating the resources ready for September and I am staying in touch with my school contacts. We need to stay positive during this time of uncertainty and work together to create some amazing resources to use when this has passed.

Sarah Grattage, Modeshift Vice Chair and School Travel and Road Safety Adviser for City of Stoke-On-Trent



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