Team Modeshift Seasons Greetings

As we close out 2019, it's a great time reflect on the achievements of the past 12 months, get some much-needed rest and time with loved ones, before preparing for 2020.

2019 for me (in terms of sustainable travel) saw increased levels of support towards tackling climate change. This support is building year on year and it certainly hit the headlines more this year than any other. Transport is the leading contributor to CO2 emissions in the UK and our duty to get more people to travel sustainably is firmly in the spot light. We have delivered under 'Team Modeshift' by reducing car use in schools, businesses and communities across the country, sharing best practice, challenging ourselves and others to do more and to be better at what we do.

Looking ahead 2020, we want to challenge to you all to build upon your success, form new and stronger partnerships, unlock opportunities, celebrate success and of course...share it with us.

This will be the last weekly digest until 10th January, so the Modeshift Management Board would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

If you havenít already done so, please do make sure you are making the most of your Modeshift membership by attending your regional meeting. For more information visit

The Modeshift Management Board



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