Anti-Idling Campaign - Staffordshire County Council

Ryan from Staffordshire County Council spoke to us about Staffordshire's latest Anti Idling Campaign.

Why did you decide to do an Anti Idling Campaign?
I told our Communications team that we wanted to do an Anti-Idling Campaign which was pupil led, after seeing a similar initiative about parking in Birmingham. The Communications team came up with the idea of giving the children different roles; The Time Bandits (they measure and record idling cars before, during and after the campaign), the Sweet Talkers (they are the ones who speak to parents), the Cheer Squad (who celebrate and thank drivers for switching off their engines) and the Strong Arm Crew (who carry the campaign banner).

How does this work in the schools?
Every school that I am working with has a group of “Active Travel Ambassadors” who we set up in school with our Stars Champions and they help deliver the school travel plan and assist with all matters active travel. They are the ones who usually run the campaign and collect the data. They have the campaign toolbox for a full week and run it as many days as they are able during that week both before and at the end of the school day. Some support this with letters and notifications in advance to let parents know, whilst others just run the campaign with no advance notice to try and target repeat offenders. The parent reaction is 99% agreeable and most have admitted they did not realise that it was causing a problem idling their cars whilst waiting.

What support do you give to the schools so that they can run the Campaign?
We supply the school with:

3 railing banners
1 carry banner
Leaflets for parents
Car stickers for parents
A pledge sheet
A recording sheet
Air Horn and a loudhailer
Foamex signs for the school gate/grounds (to keep)
Hi Vis tabards including their roles and campaign logo

How easy was it to get schools to take part?
ITV Central recorded a 5 minute report for their evening news and the Express and Star newspaper covered the event. BBC Radio Stoke also covered an event as well as local Stoke newspaper 'The Sentinel'. A lot of other schools saw these features and started requesting the resource, so we intend to roll it out across the county.

How have parents/carers responded to the campaign?
The feedback from parents (and the schools) is excellent and has proved useful for getting the schools to engage further with us in other initiatives. It has been nothing but positivity so far.



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