Room9Media at the Modeshift Convention

We asked John and Denise from Room9Media to answer a few questions at the Modeshift Convention which took place on 7th and 8th November in Leicester.

Q1 If Modeshift Members could choose one product or service from you to help them achieve active safe and responsible travel what would it be and why?

Our booklet 'Air, Land and Sea' - aimed at 10-11 year olds exemplifies the Modeshift message and brings it to the schools, families and children themselves. It begins with the environment, looks at family choices and then encourages the children to look at alternative ways they and their families can use to travel.

Q2 How can Modeshift Members find out more about your products and services?

Visit our website at

Q3. What was the highlight of the conference for you?

We really enjoyed the conference. Meeting lots of great people with really good ideas. Meeting our customers who are wonderful and do great work. The venue was great and it was a relaxed but very positive atmosphere.



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