Successful Modeshift 2019 Convention

We had well over 200 delegates join us on the first day of our Modeshift convention in Leicester.

It was a great day all round, looking at numerous elements of the delivery and promotion of sustainable Travel and the multi disciplinary approaches used.  Our guest speakers provided a broad insight into the nature of the work currently going on, how it is being achieved and how it will progress in the future.

Something that is really important to us at Modeshift is to encourage the sharing of best practice, and we are so proud of the example set on the first day with the sharing of ideas, challenges, successes, knowledge and advice.  

We had the opportunity to think about how we can add to our current practice, collaborate, and support each other in achieving our goals.  

We saw our Modeshift partners come together on stage to give us a glimpse into the exciting projects and programmes they are running and how they are facilitating the work to increase the levels of sustainable and active travel across the sector.

It was fantastic to see the display of commitment and enthusiasm from our guest speakers who have given their time today to represent their organisations, showcasing the diversity of work  they are undertaking and their personal role within it.

Our Panel discussion and questions session gave us the opportunity to engage with our panel members and triggered an exploration of the real challenges and issues we face, creating dialogue around finding solutions and how we can support each other in doing so.

Ross Butcher National Chair of Modeshift emphasised how Team Modeshift ‘is not just about Team Modeshift- It is about schools,  businesses, communities, and every person we reach in the daily drive to promote and deliver sustainable and active travel.

A big thank you to all our speakers, guests, partners, members and everyone involved in bringing our Convention together.



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