Birmingham Car Free School Streets Scheme Goes Live

A pilot scheme which will see roads around six Birmingham schools closed to motorised traffic at the start and end of the school day launched in late September.

Car Free School Streets is a pioneering initiative which aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality at the school gates, as well as making it safer for children to walk or cycle to school.

Birmingham City Council is trialling this initiative with six schools for the duration of the 2019/20 academic year, through to July 2020. The schools involved are Alston Primary (Heartlands), Chilcote Primary (Hall Green South), Cofton Primary (Longbridge & West Heath), Featherstone Primary (Stockland Green), Nelson Primary (Ladywood), and St Francis CE Primary (Bournville & Cotteridge).

Residents living on the streets affected will be issued with permits to access their properties and there will be some other exemptions, including blue badge holders and emergency services. Anyone else driving in the restricted zone at these times can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice charge of 50.

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