Go Travel Solutions - New Modeshift Partner

Go Travel Solutions is a specialist consultancy for sustainable transport; serving employers, public bodies and travel providers.

Working in collaboration with leading transport consultants, operators and marketers, we tailor solutions to the requirements of our customers. This enables us to deliver travel solutions which provide discounts, benefits and enhances economic and social well-being through reductions in road traffic and carbon emissions.

The company engages with a range of organisations; including employers, the public sector and travel service providers; through direct relationships with car clubs, car sharing schemes, transport operators and cycle providers.

With over 30 years combined experience, we specialise in employer engagement on sustainable forms of transport using initiatives such as developing travel plans, behaviour change programmes, brokering of travel services and the creation of business travel networks.

Modeshift members can find out more, by visiting https://www.go-travel-solutions.com/what-we-do, emailing info@go-travel-solutions.com or calling 0116 216 8326.



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