Team Modeshift Honorary Members

As a leading membership organisation for sustainable travel practitioners, Modeshift wish to recognise individuals for their contribution to our organistion and the wider field of sustainable travel.

A Member of Team Modeshift is essentially any individual who in some way may have an impact on how people choose to travel. The key is that we all work together to achieve our shared aims and objectives. The reason that this industry is such an exciting area to work in is that we can make a difference to so many key issues that the World faces today, be it tackling climate change, improving Air Quality, increasing levels of physical activity, improving road safety, reducing congestion, boosting health and well-being, providing equal opportunities, and many more.

As a direct result of the broad range of benefits listed above - Team Modeshift by default is a multi-disciplinary collective of passionate, motivated individuals who deeply care about making a difference. It doesn’t matter if your background is in public health, transport, road safety, environment, education, marketing, behaviour change – every single one of us can make a significant contribution to increasing levels of sustainable and active travel. Our combined expertise, experience and passion means that we can, and will achieve our aims if we work together.

Team Modeshift Honorary Membership is a lifetime Membership of Modeshift that is granted to individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the development and expansion of the organisation, and/or the implementation of its aims and objectives. Their contributions locally, regionally and nationally over a significant period of time will have played some part in raising the profile of our shared objectives and ensured that the work of Modeshift is recognised by others outside of their respective organisation.

Each year, the Modeshift Management Board will recognise a number of individuals by adding them to the list of Honorary Members. Team Modeshift Honorary Members will be listed on our website and are presented with an Award and logo to be used on email signatures and letter heads.

The following members have been recognised


Tyler Linton. London borough of Hackney. Member since 2010

Sarah McAlinden. Next PLC Member since 2015

Paul McConnon. East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Member since 2007


To be confirmed at the 2020 AGM


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