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About us

Comprehensive one stop shop and help line for all print related and stationery products and we now have the facility to order your paper or board for printing which can be carbon balanced through the World Land Trust scheme which will calculate the amount of carbon generated producing your order from the quantity of paper or board used and the method of transport from which it was delivered. WLT will then plant trees against this order which over their life time will counter act the carbon generated by your printed products, and you will also qualify for a certificate from the WLT with your company name on showing the great sustainable work that you are doing!

New for Modeshift members

Branding of a schools new dining block recently completed with their healthy eating message, continual supply of printed literature on COVID vaccination and social distance etiquette, along with our free standing School Road Safety Kiddie Cut Outs, in various male and female ethnicities that carry various road safety and parking messages, which are fully brandable for school and borough logos.

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