Three Hackney Streets to close to support walking and cycling

Culture of Safe Scoooting - News from Scoot Fit

Scoot Fit is working with micromobility solutions provider Samocat to develop an automated and electric scooter sharing system in Manchester.  

Covid-19 Range - News from Brightkidz

World Champion cyclist shares his views - News from Room 9 Media

World Champion endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont talked to Room 9 Media about everything from his own cycling adventures to the practicalities of getting more people on their bikes as the lockdown eases.

Modeshift STARS – Effective Travel Plans for the return to work and school - free for the first 100 sites – save £150

Supporting social distancing

A few weeks ago I wrote about how LB Haringey has introduced a package of measures to support social distancing at town centres in the borough.  We are also looking at how we could support schools with social distancing.  We contacted the schools and asked them to complete a questionnaire which would help us determine what might be needed.

Renew your Modeshift Membership by 1st June

How Covid-19 has impacted work - news from a Modeshift Expert Advisor

Launch of Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards

The Modeshift Management Board are pleased to announce the launch of this year’s National Sustainable Travel Awards.

E-scooter consultation

The Government is seeking views on the proposed regulatory changes to allow e-scooter trials to begin. These changes will set the rules for e-scooters and their users. We are running trials as we assess whether e-scooters should be legalised in the UK.

Ipswich Waterfront to close to motorised traffic during the lock down to help residents get their daily exercise at a safe distance

Suffolk County Council is taking measures to temporarily close off roads in its towns to motorised vehicles to assist local people in exercising safely.

The first road the county council will be closing is along Ipswich Waterfront between Custom House and Coprolite Street. The closure will be in place daily from Wednesday 29 April for a minimum of 21 days. After this time, the closure will be reviewed in line with the country’s COVID-19 response. Signs will be put up advertising the road closure and advising people to keep to a safe distance.

Suffolk County Council is keen to stress this intervention is designed to support safe social distancing and, as per the government’s guidelines, members of the public should not be travelling excessively to access public open spaces.

The highway authority is also looking at other locations and measures it can implement in built up areas in our county towns that will allow more people to carry out their daily exercise and support well being, whilst continuing to follow the latest guidelines from government. This will include widening existing cycle lanes and footpaths, providing temporary footpaths and cycle lanes and changing traffic signal timings to reduce waiting times for pedestrians and cyclists.

To find out more visit

Hackney Council Introduces emergency road safety measures to help maintain social distancing

Hackney Council is introducing the first parts of a package of emergency measures to improve road safety and social distancing throughout the coronavirus pandemic. At seven sites where residents are experiencing difficulties with social distancing, footpaths will be widened with barriers and parking will be suspended to help people walk and shop safely. For more information visit

£2 billion package to support active travel to help the country emerge from coronavirus crisis

Far more people will be cycling and walking thanks to plans to boost greener, active transport, launched by Transport Secretary Grant  Shapps.

Pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling, wider pavements, safer junctions, and cycle and bus-only corridors will be created in England within weeks as part of a £250 million emergency active travel fund - the first stage of a £2 billion investment, as part of the £5 billion in new funding announced for cycling and buses in February.

Following unprecedented levels of walking and cycling across the UK during the pandemic, the plans will help encourage more people to choose alternatives to public transport when they need to travel, making healthier habits easier and helping make sure the road, bus and rail networks are ready to respond to future increases in demand.

To find out more visit

Safer Transport Campaign - Department for Transport

Transport operators and staff have been working hard to ensure that people who need to get to work are able to do so, including crucial NHS workers and all those on the frontline of the fight against the virus.

The Department for Transport has issued guidance setting out that if people cannot work from home and have to travel for work, they should first consider cycling, walking or driving to help ensure there is enough capacity for those who need to travel on public transport to do so safely.

For those who have no alternative to public transport, it is vital they understand the steps they can take to maintain their own safety and that of others and help reduce demand on the transport networks.

To find out more including the campaign materials you can use to help spread this message visit

Supporting active travel and social distancing - News from Islington Council

As the lockdown eases and more people return to work and school we’re working to support the increased demand for active travel. There are a number of programmes we have had to stop owing to the pandemic, a few that have continued and some brand new approaches and accelerated schemes.

The stopped group sadly features both STARS and cycle training. We continue to send our STARS newsletters with remote activity advice and there is some light at the end of the tunnel for cycle training. The Bikeability Trust’s new executive director, Emily Cherry, has indicated that the Trust is looking into a Covid-safe protocol for Level 2 Bikeability delivery for when schools go back. In London this is currently moot as TfL have paused our LIP funding, although we expect an announcement about this soon.

We had two pilots planned for the spring – Ride Side By Side and Positive Spin – working with elderly and dementia patients. These are impossible at present, some we have used the funding to repurpose these projects to carry out emergency deliveries of food and medicine for vulnerable and shielded residents.

Our Try Before You Bike scheme launched here as lockdown began and we’ve given priority to applications from key workers and bike deliveries have begun. Unfortunately, the quiet lockdown streets has also been a boon for bike thieves and our bike hangar scheme has suffered a rash of break ins. New security has now been fitted to our 220 hangars and we’re working towards the install of another 100 this year.

Islington has had several Liveable Neighbourhoods in development and we are assessing what we can do to roll them into our emergency on-the-street support for active travel and social distancing.

There has also been particular concern about social distancing around school entrances, so we have assessed every school and where pavement is inadequate we’re doing a range of temporary measure. These include removal of parking spaces to widen pavements, cordoning off school keep clear zigzags (totally removing the possibility of drive-by drop offs) and removal of railings or bollards. There may be some road closures to assist.

The pace of these last two schemes has been incredible and I will now sign off to review another batch of school measures.

Keep well and safe!

David Shannon, Modeshift London Representative and LB Islington Active Travel Manager

Loads going on at Living Streets!


It is Living Streets’ National Walking Month this month, I hope you are able to enjoy some of our #Try20 tips and podcasts!

We’d love it if you could join us in promoting our campaign and help get #NationalWalkingMonth trending on Twitter. All images and shareables are available for free download and use with this campaign here. Lots of positive messages, fun images and vibrant colours going on, perfect to share at this time. 😊

Many thanks for your support. And happy #NationalWalkingMonth!

FREE RESOURCES AND ACTIVITIES for teachers, school staff, parents, carers and all families with children of PRIMARY SCHOOL age.

We would LOVE for you to share the below across your networks. Let me know where you think would be best – on social/ newsletters/ internal hubs/ etc?

To help keep children active and engaged, our team has created a space where you can find important updates on our walk to school initiatives during this time of lockdown, including news and stories, but most importantly, FREE resources and activities! This page is for all teachers, school staff, parents, carers and all families with children of primary school age.


We will be releasing new resources and fun activities on the page on a weekly basis, so keep going back for more.

Remember – during lockdown, it is important that we all follow the latest Government rules to keep ourselves and others safe.

It is also important that we stay connected in every way we can and share any positive experiences. Share your daily walks, thoughts, pics and videos on social media using #WalkingFromHome, as a reminder for families to stick together! No matter the times, the walk to school movement is still strong - whether we are walking to an actual school, or just around the neighbourhood to get back for home school!

If there is anything our team can do to support your school and families to get more active, please don’t hesitate to reach out at For anything else at all as always, just give me a shout!


We are also developing activities and resources for Secondary School audiences, Higher Education audiences (16-21) and adults. These will start appearing over the coming weeks too so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to share across social and to school and University contacts etc.

If you have developed any activities/ initiatives yourselves at this time that that you think may be relevant it would be great if you could send on and I can feed back to our Comms team to share on social! 😊

Sustainable travel in cyberspace – the saga continues

With lockdown still very much in progress here’s the latest instalment of the continuing journey of active school travel in the realm of social media.

In our first episode we joined forces with other Modeshift colleagues to bring the Stay Safe Stay Active message to our followers.

Given that some children of key workers were still at school, the mission continued over the Easter holidays with a virtual #EggHunt on the search for eggs from birds from around the galaxy - well OK may be just the world then!

As April turns to May, the traditional month of walk to school week, five years of presenting the Modeshift awards to the soundtrack of vaguely related sustainable travel pop music is coming in handy for a #WalkthisMay playlist. Tune in to find out if your favourite features in the lockdown #TravelSmartPlaylist as a song to take a stroll to on your #walkfromhome

And for those with who The Force is strong – keep stay, stay active, stay home and let me know which sustainable Star Wars creature you would have liked to have made your daily exercise journey with on #MaytheForth

We are not sure which direction this trilogy is going - will this June be the best ever Clean Air Day with our streets filled with bicycles for Bike Week?
Keeping watching to find out!

Active Safe and Responsible Travel during a pandemic - what are you doing

Many of our members are looking at how to ensure that people can travel actively, safely and responsibly whilst also adhering to the government guidelines around Covid-19.

LB Haringey has introduced a package of measures to support social distancing at town centres in the borough. They are now looking specifically at how they can support schools with social distancing when the children return.

Ideas around widening the footway and relocating existing infrastructure such has cycle parking have been discussed, but there will be much more discussion around this in the coming weeks.

If you are planning any projects around supporting schools, or residents to social distance or any other projects which will support your key audiences during this pandemic, please do get in touch with Denise at and let me know what you are planning.

Modeshift would love all of our members to be able to learn from what you are doing and contribute to ensuring that everyone is able to travel actively, safely and responsibly.

Life After Lockdown - more people will actively travel

One fifth of drivers say they will use their cars less once the lockdown is over, according to a new AA survey, ‘Life after lockdown’.

The AA-Populus poll of nearly 20,000 drivers* revealed that:

  • 22% will drive less (increasing to 24% of those over 65)
  • 51% will drive as before
  • 1% will drive more
  • 36% will walk/cycle/run more

Such reductions in car journeys could be significant in terms of cutting congestion and reducing environmental impacts.

For more information visit

Adapting to new needs by finding PPE for the community - News from Style Brands

As many of you will know Style Brands has been working with Modeshift almost since it's inception and we pride ourselves in being able to listen to our clients needs and adapt our offer accordingly . We can do this because we have a wide range of in house experience, resources and skills. We have worked on varied projects and products, for example we designed the Modeshift Logo, supplied all sorts of clothing, blke lights and other promotional items. One of our key skills and strengths is sourcing, importing and distributing products. In these very difficult times we find that our clients also have new needs and at the start of the pandemic, when no PPE was available, we were asked to find PPE Masks. We did this and now , some 2 months later, we are distributing large quantities at highly competitive prices.

Therefore during this difficult time should you need PPE we now have available quality masks from stock at easy order quantities and low prices, especially for Modeshift members who are working in the community. We have kept the offer as simple and easy as possible, however if you have any questions please ask us. Meanwhile we hope you keep safe and well here are the key points of this offer.


KN95 / FFP2 masks - these are intended for general use , such as on public transport , in the office or shopping, not for front line work with infected patients where FFP3 is needed.


250 units plus = £2.65 each, delivered to one UK mainland address next working day.

5000 units plus = £2.45 each , can be delivered in 250 lots , up to 20 addresses next working day.

There is no vat on these masks.


Speak or email with Robin or Daryl at Style Brands before order to confirm stock.

100% payment required before order is despatched.

Contact Details for orders or questions

Daryl Carter / Robin Natley

Main: Phone number 01795 890900

Robin: Mobile 07793 112813

Daryl : 07970 747244

Need other PPE items? Please contact us for details.

Air pollution: Why tomorrow could be different

Lock-down due to COVID-19 has seen air pollution levels plummet. The roads are quieter. More families seem to be out cycling, with essential workers relying on pedal power to commute.

Could the current crisis be an opportunity, could tomorrow be different, and what might the new normal look like?

Visit to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Decarbonising transport

A new Arup report highlights the immediate steps that local government in the UK can take to decarbonise transport. To see the report visit

Clean air in Europe during lockdown ‘leads to 11,000 fewer deaths’

The Guardian writes that the improvement in air quality over the past month of the coronavirus lockdown has led to 11,000 fewer deaths from pollution in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. To find out more visit

Cycle and Walking Maps - news from Pindar Creative

We might only be able to do one form of exercise each day at the moment, but when things get back to normal I’m sure we will all be keen to cycle and walk more. So, now might be as good a time as ever to look at updating your map resources. We’d like to share a couple of recent projects with you.

The first is a
sustainable travel map produced for Dorset County Council highlighting walking and cycle routes in and around Bridport. A scale and time/distance bars help make distances easy to understand, and contours and hill-shading indicate terrain and gradients. The map will be available online as an interactive map shortly.

The second is a new cycle map for
Greener Kirkcaldy, a community-led charity working locally to benefit people and the environment. The map highlights three commuter routes and three leisure routes to encourage people to give cycling a try.

The third is a series of six cycling and walking maps for Transport for West Midlands, promoting the green corridor between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Finally, we’ve recreated two maps for Argyll & Bute Council highlighting walking and cycle routes in and around Oban and the Isle of Bute. A scale and time/distance bars help make distances easy to understand, and hill-shading indicate terrain and gradients.

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to support their active and sustainable travel initiatives by delivering cost-effective solutions that make use of royalty-free mapping resources, where possible. Our highly-trained cartographers can assist with new commissions and updates to existing map resources. We also offer a range of interactive mapping solutions.

You can see more of our maps for cyclists and pedestrians by
visiting our website. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any projects you are planning.

National Walking Month

May is Living Streets National Walking Month. With many of us appreciating the chance to get out for a walk more than ever, Living Streets is hoping it will provide a fantastic opportunity to shout about the benefits of this simple act.

Throughout the month, they will be encouraging people to #Try20 – walk for 20 minutes a day as part of their daily exercise. The #Try20 tips aim to help people keep their walks interesting whilst staying safe, with activities for families, people working from home and those who are restricted to indoor exercise.

Check out Living Streets National Walking Month page to download free resources and follow all the action on social media #NationalWalkingMonth.

Modeshift STARS Team Blog: Lock-In the Lockdown Benefits, or Lose Them

As we approach the end of the fifth week of lockdown one thing is for sure, it has certainly been a rollercoaster ride! Mentally and physically.

From the anxiety and stress at the start about what will happen to us all; what does lockdown actually mean? Will we be allowed to go out? Will there be any work for us all at the end of this? Where will I be able to find a toilet roll from?

To the settling in period; this isn’t so bad! We can deal with this for a few weeks! Things will go back to normal soon! There's actually quite a lot of food available in the shops! I've found a 28-pack of toilet roll!

To the realisation of huge positives; I’m spending some real quality time with those that I live with. Levels of walking and cycling are going through the roof. Air quality is improving dramatically! My kids have learnt to ride their bikes! I'm going to be super fit and healthy at the end of this with the extra exercise and not eating as much food.

To the fear that this is going to go on forever; will lockdown ever end? Is social distancing going to be in place for a long time? Will there be any work for us all at the end of this (again!)? I've eaten all of the lockdown snacks! And worst of all, after all of this, everything is going to go back to normal!

Whilst there is an obvious requirement for life to return to normal as quickly as possible, there are some things that we should really think twice about before slipping back into old routines. I write this after two stressful days at work, where I’ve worked late into the evening and my daily step count has fallen below 5k for 2-days in a row (I was averaging just short of 10k a day for the last 5-weeks). I’ve not been outside for my daily exercise. I feel more tired. I feel more detached from my wife and kids. And I feel more stressed about what the future holds for us.

Soon (I hope), lockdown will start to be eased and things will return to a ‘new normal’, but we can have some say over what that new normal might be. Do we want to spend all of our time working and missing the opportunity to teach our kids to ride a bike (it took us 5-years to get around to teaching our oldest)? Do we want to be behind a desk all day and only manage to get 5k steps in? Do we want to see levels of air and noise pollution returning to their previous levels and perhaps surpassing them? Do we want an unsustainable level of traffic on our local roads so it no longer feels as safe to be out walking and cycling?

If we are to take some positives out of the current situation then we must lock in the benefits of lockdown otherwise we will lose them! That's where you guys come in, #TeamModeshift. A Member of Team Modeshift is essentially any individual who in some way may have an impact on how people choose to travel. The key is that we all work together to achieve our shared aims and objectives. The reason that this industry is such an exciting area to work in is that we can make a difference to so many key issues that the World faces today, be it tackling climate change, improving Air Quality, increasing levels of physical activity, improving road safety, reducing congestion, boosting health and well-being, providing equal opportunities, and now, emerging from lockdown!

If we work together, talk to one another and share ideas, we can and will come out of this crisis in a better position to achieve our shared objectives of increasing levels of sustainable and active travel. So as a starting point, what changes have you seen or experienced over the last few weeks that you would like to be locked-in after lockdown?

Nick Butler, Modeshift STARS Accreditation Manager

CALL FOR PAPERS - dont forget to submit - Modeshift convention 2020 - Call for papers is open - closes April 30th

The 2020 Modeshift Convention will take place at the Athena Conference Centre in Leicester. Do you want to present to the nation's leading industry professionals?
Dates Doors open from 09.30am November 5th and ends around 14.00 on November 6th

This year's agenda.
Sustainable and Active Travel.Planning, partnerships and delivery, brings together a huge range of teams and individuals with experience from a whole host of backgrounds.

The 2020 Modeshift Convention will celebrate and share best practice on all that is good about the connecting the dots between good planning, strong partnerships and effective delivery.

We are now welcoming papers on the following themes:

  • Access fund revisited – Three-year plans, review, results and lessons learned
  • Planning for sustainable travel – a review of action plans/strategies, good infrastructure
  • Effective planning (Development control)
  • Effective partnerships (Schools, workplaces and communities)
  • Effective delivery (schoosl, workplaces and communities)
  • Putting it in practice – plans, partnerships and delivery

If you are interested to present please email and answer the following questions

1. Which area above will your presentation best sit?
2. Presentation synopsis - Proposed title and what you plan to cover
3. How long you would need ie 15 / 20 mins
4. Name of presenter/s and organisation/s
5. Presentation style and is there anything you plan to do that will make your presentation stand out?

Deadline to submit is APRIL 30th - Send your submissions to

Sustainable travel podcast from Room 9 Media

Room 9 Media has launched their own podcasts. In the latest episode, they spoke to Jemima Hartshorn, the founder of Mums For Lungs, about why she started the group, the effects of pollution on children and the small changes we can all make to benefit the environment.

To listen to the podcast visit

first online map to help key workers find offers on bikes and repair services

Sustrans new online Cycles for Key Workers map helps to make cycling easier for NHS staff and other key workers amid Covid-19. It shows offers on bike purchasing and hire, equipment, repairs and maintenance available to key workers in their local area.

Key workers across the UK can now find cycle-related offers and locate bike stores that are open in their local area, by using the live online map.

For more information and to view the map visit

What’s our new norm!

Our team have been working from home since 17th March. Whilst we found this rather unsettling at first, we’re now muddling along nicely and finding new ways of working (NWOW) and communicating with each other. Skype video calls have been interesting. My line manager says he’d prefer not to use the video mode any more as he’s now desperate for a hair cut!

As we move through this lockdown we realise more and more that this NWOW will revolutionise the way we work in future. With some of us usually undertaking long journeys to work, we can see that there are opportunities to reduce the daily commute to our office and for many of the off site meetings we need to attend. We feel this will support our personal health and well-being, give us more time at home and could help us to be more creative in our roles.

We have seen many residents increasing their levels of physical activity with their daily walk, run or cycle and we are working through ideas to ensure this becomes their ‘new norm’. We hope families have realised the enjoyment and importance of active travel for leisure and this will transfer to sustainable modes of travel for commuting, school run and short everyday journeys.

As Modeshift Members and Partners we can share our ideas and find ways to support our aim to ensure reduced car use and increased sustainable travel becomes everyone’s ‘new norm’.

Nicky Batkin, Modeshift Best Practise Officer and London Borough of Ealing Senior School Travel Advisor


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