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Spotlight on a Winner 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards -

This week we look at 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards Winner - Alison Holland - Brightkidz for Contribution to sustainable travel - Individual sponsored by Living Streets.

Balanceability Training Day: What to Expect

Copperfields Nursery had already received a five-bike Balanceability pack. So deputy manager Alison Coleman had the balance bikes. She had the helmets. She had an information pack, and she had a bag full of colourful equipment. But – having not been on a bike for years – she hadn’t got a clue what to do with it all. It was time to be a Balanceability Instructor. 
In September 2015, Alison Coleman, of Copperfields Nursery in Eastbourne, East Sussex, attended a one-day Balanceability Instructor training day. Alison is one of 77 members of staff from across 50 early-years settings who have accessed free training, resources and equipment to support them to be able to teach very young children to ride balance bikes (as part of a wider initiative funded by East Sussex County Council – Public Health). 

Dedicated Cycle Days - A Best Practice Project

Bristol Health Partners

Next Steps to Secondary School with Living Streets

Living Streets has recently launched our NEW Next Steps to Secondary School initiative, our new challenge for students transitioning to secondary school. It encourages 11 year olds to consider travel options for their new secondary school and encourages modes which are healthier and cleaner. This is really important at a time when 20% of Year 6 students are leaving primary school obese

Active Travel Resources for Schools and Brightkidz Summer Term Flyer

National Sustainable Travel Awards Spotlight - A Review of 2018

Best sustainable travel initiative - Education - Winners - City of York Council 

WOW News from Living Streets

Scooter Smart - a Best Practice Project

In Derbyshire in February 2010 we trialled our first ever Scooter Smart course – with the idea to see if encouraging children to scoot to school and do so safely could be a viable way to encourage active travel and reduce car use.

I think if we are honest the idea was initially met with some scepticism but almost 10 years on we’ve now worked with over 23,000 children and scooting is viewed by many as the mode of choice for travelling to school.

Parent surveys have shown that travelling by scooter can be quicker and easier than walking and in some instances it also creates a modal shift away from car. This can be especially encouraged if schools provide scooter storage so parents don’t have to carry the scooter home. That said we’ve discovered some grown up like scooting as much as the children – so much so that some schools now loan out adult scooters so parents join in too!

We’ve also seen fantastic support from our local police safer neighbourhood teams – with officers helping us out on Scooter Smart training days to reinforce the message about pavement courtesy and the need to look out for pedestrians and cars on driveways.

Without tempting fate – we’re not aware of any accidents involving scooting to school and in all this time I’ve only ever fallen off my scooter once. And I was very brave and didn’t cry even though I did tear a hole in the knee of my trousers!

National Sustainable Travel Awards Spotlight - A Review of 2018

This week we look at the East Riding of Yorkshire - 2018 Winners of the Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Community sponsored by Love to Ride.

The East Riding of Yorkshire won the Award for the "Refugee Cycle Project"

"The ongoing civil conflict in Syria has displaced approximately 10.9 million civilians with 3.8 million becoming refugees. The National Syrian resettlement program has placed 40 men, women and children in The East Riding of Yorkshire. Of the many challenges that this has presented, the safe use of British roads was identified, and road safety training was requested. It was then identified that, due to the expertise, experience, and capability of the Road Safety Team, more could be done. A partnership involving various agencies was formed with the intention of providing the migrants with reconditioned bicycles, helmets, training, and the confidence to become self-sufficient thanks to sustainable modes of travel, in order to access employment and/or education. This has effectively given 40 members of the community the ability to integrate, gain access to work and education and opened up the possibility of transport independence to those that were otherwise unable to ride a bike."

You can read about the full project over on our 2018 Award Winners Page

Nominations are open for The National Sustainable Travel Awards 2019! Find out more at on our 2019 Awards Page

Modeshift 2019 Convention - call for papers is open

The 2019 Modeshift Convention will take place at the Athena Conference Centre in Leicester. Do you want to present to the nation's leading industry professionals?

Dates – Doors open from 09.30am November 7th and ends around 14.30 on November 8th

This year's agenda.

The Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Promoting Sustainable and Active TravelOur industry like no-other, brings together a huge range of teams and individuals with experience from a whole host of backgrounds.
Each member with their own unique experiences is essential to achieving our shared aim.
Collectively, our group is affectionately becoming known as Team Modeshift
The 2019 Modeshift Convention will celebrate and share best practice on all that is good about the multi-disciplinary nature of promoting sustainable and active travel.

We are now welcoming papers on the following themes:
Psychology of Behaviour Change
Getting infrastructure right
STARS best practice session – Education, Business, community
Age is no barriers – Early years, Higher Ed, Work places, Schools, Older adults
Development Control – Working together to create a national standard
Building barriers to unsustainable travel

If you are interested to present please email and answer the following questions

1. Theme
2. Presentation synopsis - Proposed title and what you plan to cover
3. How long you would need ie 15 / 20 mins
4. Name of presenter/s and organisation/s
5. Presentation style and is there anything you plan to do that will make your presentation stand out?

Deadline to submit is July 31st - Send your submissions to

National Sustainable Travel Awards Spotlight - A Review of 2018

This week the spotlight is on 2018 Winners - Rutland County Council who won the award for Best Partnership 2018 sponsored by PWLC Projects for the "My Bike" Project.

"MY BIKE provides free reconditioned bikes and associated support to residents of Rutland who would not
otherwise be able to access their own bike. By doing so it aims to help them access education, training,
employment, facilities and recreation. It also give them the opportunity to cycle for health & wellbeing and to
build positive relationships. The project supports the inmates at HMP Stocken who can achieve their City &
Guilds Certificate in Cycle Maintenance reconditioning the bicycles that are taken to the county’s civic
amenity with prevents the bikes from going into landfill. MY BIKE project has developed & brought together
partnerships across the county and agencies within the council that have made this a truly amazing project."

For more information on all of our winners visit

The National Sustainable Travel Awards are open for nominations! To Nominate your project or find out more information click here

Luton Travel - News from PWLC Projects

We’ve recently been working in partnership with Love to Ride, Liftshare and Modeshift (STARS Business) in Luton to increase access to Midland Main Line train stations in Bedfordshire by active and sustainable travel.

The project builds on infrastructure and Station Travel and Improvement Plans already in place to improve access to employment opportunities, training and education, whilst reducing parking pressures, congestion and air quality issues between towns and around the stations themselves.

The project we’ve coproduced has revolved around three principles.

A - Advising Academics - interventions which make using rail as a way of accessing skills or new employment easier. Providing Personalised Journey Plans for NEETS and job seekers and training JobCentre staff travel options. It also covers the promotion of cycling from an early age via schools-based programmes such as Bike-It.

B – Building Business Capacity - providing bespoke assistance to major employers, particularly focusing on those who are within walking and cycling distance of a Main Line station. We’ve engaged with seven large businesses / organisations, (including Luton Airport, Vauxhall, the University of Bedfordshire and the Luton and Dunstable Hospital) to develop STARS Business Travel Plans and support delivery of a range of activities. So far employees have had the chance to engage in Dr Bike, Liftshare MyPTP and a variety of Love to Ride events and challenges.

C – Convincing the Commuters - Offering Personalised Travel Planning at railway stations, MyPTP’s and running pop-up Travel Information Stands at the railway hubs we have targeted current commuters for which cycle/rail walk/rail (and bus/rail) is a feasible alternative, and those who drive to the station but live within a walking/ cycling distance.

With a strong four-organisation partnership leading on this programme, planned Led Walks (‘Bed Walks’) and lots of promotional work scheduled for the coming year around the transport hubs as well as major employers in the borough, we have high hopes for the outcomes for this fun and innovative project.

Saddle & Sole Festival - A Best Practise Project

I started working for LB Haringey in 2012 managing the Smarter Travel programme. That same year I was approached by David Shannon who worked for LB Islington and wanted to arrange a cycling festival in Finsbury Park. LB Hackney were also keen to join us. Finsbury Park boarders all three boroughs but is situated in LB Haringey. So, during Bike Week 2013 we held the first ever Finsbury Park Festival of Cycling.

Over the past 6 years the festival morphed into the Saddle and Sole Festival of Walking and Cycling and continues to be held during Bike Week. The festival attracts thousands of people who are able to take part in a range of free activities which support them to start or continue to travel sustainably.

Ana and Andrew who attended in 2018 said:

“What a great initiative! As a newcomer to London it helped me feel a sense of community. I got my bike fixed and registered and I even used the smoothie bike to make a delicious smoothie.” Ana, N5.

“It was a fun day with my whole family. Especially on Father’s Day. Events like this festival are what the community needs to come together and be more proactive.” Andrew, N16.

To put on this successful event all it takes is a good partnership team who are organised. Access to a small budget is useful but there are lots of walking and cycling activities that can be provided for free or at a very low cost.

This year Haringey, Islington and Hackney Councils were proud to win a London Transport Award in the partnership category for the festival. The next Saddle and Sole Festival will take place on Sunday 16th June 2019. To find out more visit

Denise Adolphe, Modeshift Communications Officer

Heathrow to set up Ultra Low Emissions Zone by 2022

Heathrow Airport has revealed plans to introduce an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to generate funding for sustainable transport schemes links to the airport.

Heathrow’s ULEZ will introduce minimum vehicle emissions standards identical to the London Mayor’s ULEZ and will be applied to passenger cars and private hire vehicles entering car parks or drop-off areas at any time at any of Heathrow’s terminals.

Charges for older more polluting vehicles of between £10 and £15 will be made to those entering the proposed ULEZ, which is in line with charges set by the Mayor of London.

Heathrow will become the world’s first airport with a ULEZ in 2022.

"Nationwide Blueprint to Ban Traffic Outside Schools" - Hackney Council

We have developed and delivered a School Streets Training course in partnership with Hackney Council. This week they announced the release of a "Nationwide Blueprint to Ban Traffic Outside Schools" This guide aims help councils across the country replicate the successful School Streets Programme, which bans motor traffic outside schools at opening and closing times.

"The free guide, known as the School Streets toolkit, will support councils nationwide to launch their own School Streets. It uses the borough’s experience in implementing School Streets to take other local authorities step-by-step through the process."

For more information visit:

Training Course - Delivering and implementing an effective workplace travel plan programme

We have a limited number of places left on our "Delivering and implementing an effective workplace travel plan programme" course. If you are involved in workplace travel planning , this course is designed with you in mind.

Who is this for?

This accredited training course has been designed with local authority members of staff in mind that are have at least two years experience with delivering sustainable travel initiatives and travel plans with workplaces and residential developments. The course will cover national best practice, new insights into the audience, how to break down barriers and set up a more efficient and effective programme for the future.

Date - June 6th 2019 - 09.30 arrival for 10.00am start. The course will finish by 16.30

Venue - 55 Broadway, TfL - London, SW1H 0BD

Cost - £199 per delegate (modeshift members) £399 for non members. Includes lunch, refreshments and course materials

Delegates will be asked to answer a pre-course questionnaire

MAX 16 delegates. Please book soon to avoid disappointment

This course will be delivered by Modeshift

For Full details or book your place visit

Bus services in England outside London

The deregulation of bus services outside London in the 1980s was meant to address the steady decline in bus use since the 1950s and bring in a new era of bus travel.

Successive governments have stuck with deregulation, but the promised benefits have never materialised. Deregulation has, at best, done little more than slow the decline in bus use.

To read more on this paper, published on 22nd May 2019, visit

Wicky Bear Mascot Joins Brightkidz and Local Children for Walk to School Week

How do you get lots of attention for the walk to school? Recruit your local favourite children's mascot to join you, is the answer from Brightkidz social enterprise.

This week children from schools in Kettering, Northamptonshire (where Brightkidz is based) were joined by Wicky Bear - the much-loved mascot from nearby Wicksteed Park - for Living Streets' Walk to School Week. Over 60 children from Compass Primary Academy took part in the walk as well as many parents, carers and some teachers, with another school to take part on Friday.

The activity counts as an action towards their Modeshift STARS accreditation which the schools involved are working towards through the Brightkidz ST:EPS programme (Safe Travel: Enabling Pupils and Schools) currently being trialed in the town.

For more information including a short video about the event visit

CIL - a viable funding source to promote sustainable travel - News from Pindar Creative

Did you know that the local community including schools, hospitals and other health and social care facilities in your area could apply for CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funding? This funding could be used to promote sustainable travel, through applying for the CIL neighbourhood portion (for further details, see spending the levy).

What is the neighbourhood portion of the levy?

A percentage of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging are passed directly to those parish and town councils (in England) and community councils (in Wales) where development has taken place.

Eligible Projects

The proportion of CIL that a Parish or Town Council receives must be used to support the development of the area.

Funds can be spent on:

• The provision, improvement / replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or

• Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area.

This gives Parish and Town Councils considerable freedom to spend their proportion of CIL on the things that address the impacts of development on their area. For example schools/colleges could apply for CIL funding to produce ‘Travel To’ leaflets to promote walking and cycling’, using our new online portal ‘SALI’.

SALI (Semi Automated leaflet Interface)

‘SALI’ is an innovative, user-friendly online portal enabling schools and businesses to generate sustainable travel leaflets for a one of fee of £250.

Users can add isochrones to indicate walking times and icons can be dragged and dropped onto the map to show the position of cycle parking, park and stride locations, and crossings. Lines can also be added to the map to indicate walk routes, restricted parking, and suggested cycle routes.

The portal is part of an initiative, which aims to encourage people to walk more, improving levels of health and fitness, while reducing congestion, air pollution and parking issues.

To find out more call Pindar Creative on 01296 390100 or visit the website.

Youth Travel Ambassadors - A Best Practise Project

Each week we will be showcasing a Best Practise Project from one of our Board Members. This week it is the turn of our Chair, Ross Butcher.

"I recall the day I was asked to find a long-term solution to improve behavioural issues in secondary schools. TfL had trialled several activities, each with a different approach but not one involved engaging young people in the process. Creating Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTA) took two years of piloting different approaches, until I recall what worked best, had to be in the interest of the students and the school. YTA was launched to over 90 schools in year three and has had a transformational impact on travel behaviour across London. Now in its 8th year, schools want to continue to take park, students want to get into transport (as a career), STARS levels are higher than ever, levels of walking and cycling are up and it’s all down to empowering young people.

When YTA started to go nationwide two years ago I was over the moon. Through Modeshift I’m keen to see it expand into more secondary schools. If you want more information about how to get YTA going in your area email –"

Are you ready for Walk to School Week

Taking place during National Walking Month, Walk to School Week will take place from 20th to 24h May. Each year Living Streets develop a new five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools. This year, to celebrate its 90th anniversary, the challenge will get to the heart of walking and how it can benefit the whole community as well as improve individual wellbeing.

For more information about Walk to School Week and activities you can do to support the whole school community walking more to school, visit

The 2019 Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards are open

We are delighted to announce that the 2019 National Sustainable Travel Awards are open for your nominations, in 10 categories:

  • Excellence in Walking
  • Excellence in Cycling - sponsored by Broxap
  • Best Partnership - sponsored by David Richards Ltd
  • Contribution to Sustainable Travel - Individual 
  • Contribution to Sustainable Travel - Team award - sponsored by Brightkidz
  • Contribution to Sustainable Travel - Organisation 
  • Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Education - sponsored by Scootfit
  • Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Business - sponsored by Pindar Creative
  • Best Sustainable Travel Initiative - Community - sponsored by PWLC Projects
  • Best Project under £1000 

This is your opportunity to shout about your sustainable travel initiatives and projects and share them with your Modeshift colleagues.

All winners and finalists will receive a logo to add to their letterheads and websites.  Previous winners have found these a great way to raise awareness of their project and promote their success to a wider audience.


For further information please go to the Awards 2019 webpage.

Renew your Modeshift membership today

As part of your Modeshift membership you gain access to the Modeshift Convention in November, Regional Meetings three times a year, our weekly newsletter and your organisation can participate in the National Sustainable Travel Awards. Members will also get a scooter pod from Cyclepods.

So don't delay, sign up today. Visit

Guide launched to encourage couriers to switch to e-bikes

Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Islington Councils have launched an innovative guide to help fleet managers switch from mopeds to e-bikes: a more sustainable form of travel.

The Scooter Switch Toolkit, developed by independent transport consultants, Steer, was created after research showed that businesses require clear, comprehensive information to make the switch to e-bikes.

The significance of e-bikes in the delivery sector has grown rapidly in recent years, with their trial and adoption by firms such as Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s and DHL. E-bikes provide an ideal solution to businesses balancing cost, efficiency and speed in this demanding sector.

Deputy Mayor of Hackney and Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care, Transport and Parks, Cllr Feryal Demirci, said: “We are a leader in tackling London’s poor air quality and are committed to protecting residents from its harmful effects. We’re delighted to be working with our neighbouring boroughs to create and promote the Scooter Switch Toolkit.”

Key elements of the toolkit include:

  • Ensuring the e-bike model is compliant with UK legislation
  • Health and safety measures including riders completing Level 3 Bikeability cycle training
  • Advice on appropriate equipment such as high visibility clothing and information on helmet safety standards and bike lock ratings
  • Fuel cost savings comparison between mopeds and e-bikes
  • Maintenance schedules and costs.

Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Air Quality, Cllr Rachel Blake, said: “It’s great to see businesses using e-bikes in our borough. This is another way we are tackling the poor air quality within our borough and supporting local business. I hope the Scooter Switch Toolkit can provide a viable alternative for deliveries in many sectors to help improve air quality for everyone.”

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We’re committed to ambitious and pioneering work to improve London’s poor air quality, which can have a negative impact on the health and life expectancy of our residents. This innovative toolkit will help businesses make the switch to e-bikes, cutting emissions and providing more sustainable transport.”

The toolkit is part of the Zero Emissions Network (ZEN); a tri-borough project from Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets Councils, part-funded by the Mayor of London.

ZEN aims to help businesses and residents save money, reduce emissions and improve air quality by making changes in transport to reduce air pollution that causes almost 10,000 premature deaths in London each year.

Erkut Ozer, founder of Bagged2u, a small local business that delivers goods from high street retailers directly to residents, has been using the toolkit to help establish his fleet of 10 e-bikes.

Erkut said: “The ZEN team and the toolkit has been an invaluable resource in navigating the ever changing area of sustainable transport to help develop our delivery service."

The Scooter Switch Toolkit is freely available to businesses across the country and is available here:

Clean Air Day 2019 coming soon

Clean Air Day will take place on 20th June 2019. The resources are ready and free to use and you can get involved in Clean Air Day by joining with others and doing something to reduce air pollution and by spreading the message. Use the free campaign resources ( for inspiration to:

  1. Have a car-free day – encourage parents/carers/pupils/staff to walk/cycle/public transport to school
  2. Engage your local school – organise a walking bus to school, hold school gate no idling activities, host a Clean Air Day assembly and lessons
  3. Get your neighbours involved – hold a street party, share information, talk to local organisations about what they can do to reduce air pollution.
  4. Get involved on social media in the build-up to and on Clean Air Day #cleanairday. Use the social media pack (on the resources page) and share the countdown memes and get ready to go #cleanairday crazy on 20th June to help Clean Air Day trend on Twitter

Sign up to get involved and find out more at:

London Walking and Cycling Conference - 24th May

The London Borough of Hackney and the City of London Corporation will host the London Walking and Cycling Conference, in association with Steer on 24th May at the Guildhall. The City has the highest walking rates of any local authority in the country and Hackney is London's number one borough for cycling. This partnership combines expertise and recognises the importance of active travel to both residents and businesses.

For a copy of the agenda and to book your place, visit

Balanceability provides ‘learn-to-cycle’ support to mark Forestry Commission’s 100th birthday celebrations

The Forestry Commission has joined forces with one of the UK’s leading learn-to-cycle programmes to celebrate its 100th birthday by encouraging more families to explore the country’s forests by bike.

Balanceability, which is run by TTC Group, will be hosting eight one-hour taster sessions at Salcey Forest in Northamptonshire on Monday, May 27 and Thursday, May 30, to show young children and parents the importance of balance bikes in developing core strengths, motor skills and in getting them active.

The fun and interactive sessions will cost £9 and take place at 10am, 11am, 1pm and 2pm for a maximum of 10 children (aged between two-and-a-half and seven years-old) per group, with a qualified Balanceability instructor and specialist bikes and safety equipment available for all participants.

Bookings can be made in advance on the Forestry Commission website or families can turn up on the day to take part.

Brittany Eagle, Sales Manager at Balanceability, said: “Salcey Forest has been keen to offer cycling for younger children for some time, as it already boasts an easy family cycling trail that is ideal for exploring nature,” explained

“Balance bikes are a great way to help kids who can’t cycle yet and our instructors are trained to make the sessions as fun as possible, with easy to follow techniques and a chance to put what they learn into action.”

She added: “Learning to cycle is a proven way of getting young people more active and helping them develop skills they can use throughout their lives. Our forests are safe and great places to discover and we’re hoping that this major birthday will be the start of more children riding bikes as a way of getting around all the different trails.

“If this trial is successful, we’d like to think we could offer more courses later in the year and are keen to work with other forests who want to get more of their visitors cycling.”

Balanceability has been specially designed with child development experts and cycling professionals so that all children have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike.

It is the only formally approved learn-to-cycle programme for very young children by the Association for Physical Education (afPE) and, since its launch in 2008, has helped more than 500,000 children learn to ride a bike.

Simon Fowler, Forest Centre Manager at Forestry England, is looking forward to the start of the sessions: “We are very excited to be working with Balanceability at Salcey Forest. Cycling is a big area of interest for us, as we know only too well the boost it can provide people to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle.

“The sessions are unique as they give children the opportunity to develop the essential skills needed to learn to ride and support the next generation of cyclists that will enjoy the nation’s forests.”

TTC Group acquired Balanceability in 2014 as part of ambitions to expand its training into new specialist areas and underlining its commitment to improving road safety amongst younger, vulnerable road users.

In the five years that have followed, the company has steadily grown its coverage across the UK, winning contracts to supply balance bikes, resources and equipment to the general public, local authorities, schools and other public sector bodies.

For further information, please visit or


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