Modeshift Convention – It's not too late to book

The Annual Modeshift Convention will take place on 1st and 2nd November 2018 at Sheffield City Hall. This year’s theme - "Removing the barriers to sustainable travel" is set to generate lots of discussion. 

'Your Guide to Sheffield' For Modeshift 2018 Convention

The 2018 edition of 'Your Guide to Sheffield' for Modeshift's 2018 Convention is now available at

Modeshift Convention Agenda - 2 weeks to go!

There is only 2 weeks to go until the annual Modeshift Convention. If you haven't booked you place yet, please make sure you do by visiting

Join the Sheffield City Walking Tour at the Modeshift Conference

Fancy a walking tour of Sheffield at the Modeshift Conference Thursday 1st November?  The short walk, which is being led by the Inmotion! sustainable travel team based at South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), will take you through the heart of the city, highlighting a number of interesting and quirky things that you may not always spot on a walk around Sheffield.

A SUPER Week for Liftshare

Liftshare Week 2018 (October 1st-7th) has come to an end and the number of people sharing their journeys is at an all-time high. Liftshare were encouraging people to grab a sidekick and become ‘Super Commuters’ during the annual event which aims to get more people around the country to try car sharing.

7 things no one tells you that you’re going to experience when you become a ‘commuter’ cyclist

Blog post courtesy of Cyclepods Ltd - Cyclepods will be exhibiting at the Modeshift Convention. To book you place click here

Modeshift Convention - Last year's highlight video - Book your place for 2018!

With only 3 weeks to go until the Modeshift Convention we thought we would take a trip down memory lane and reflect on the 2017 Modeshift Convention. We are thrilled to be heading back to the Sheffield for the third year and we are looking forward to welcoming industry professionals from across the UK and Europe. Places are booking up fast so Make sure you book your place on our events page by clicking here.

A Visibly Better Solution for Recycled Plastic Bottles

Pogu Ltd., the multi award-winning reflective safety business based in the Lake District, have spent much of the past year working closely with suppliers to create the high visibility waistcoats, a product which is a world first in the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) market.

Brightkidz Flyers for Schools Now Available

Solutions to parking perils, links to funding info and lots and lots of fun, bright ideas to promote walking, cycling, scooting and road safety are featured in the new Brightkidz flyer for schools.

Modeshift Convention Agenda - Book your place!

We are well into the planning for the 2018 Annual Modeshift Convention. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our speakers ahead of the convention for their hard work in preparing for the convention. This year's theme - Removing the Barriers to Sustainable Travel is set to be a good one with lots of discussion taking place over the last few months. 

Liftshare Week is coming!

Don’t forget that 1st-7th October is Liftshare Week 2018! This year, we ask Liftshare members old and new to join our legion of Super Commuters by grabbing a sidekick and forming a Liftshare team. It couldn’t be simpler to become you’re very own superhero.

3 reasons to give Liftshare a go this Liftshare week:

Help! Reduce the stress of the commute by sharing your journey, a conversation and a smile;
Protect! The environment by reducing your carbon footprint;
Save! Money – our average regular sharers save over £1000 a year!

If that’s not convinced you, there’s more! Whether you’re into superheroes, rom-coms or thrillers, form a Liftshare team (by signing up, adding your journey, and arranging to share with a match) between 24th September and 14th October, and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a year’s cinema pass for Odeon or Cineworld, for you and a friend! If you’re already sharing through Liftshare, you’ll be entered too, as a thank you. Ts and cs can be found here.

If you’re an employer, encourage your staff to Liftshare during Liftshare Week and see the positive impact on your car park, local congestion and staff happiness! There are free resources to download on, or if you’re one of our clients, via your Liftshare Dashboard.

Not all heroes wear capes!

Children to be banned from cycling to school without number plates

Children have been told they will be banned from cycling to their south London school if they do not put number plates on their bikes.

Teachers at Stanley Park High, in Carshalton, are introducing the scheme so members of the public can report pupils cycling dangerously.

For more on this please visit

Modeshift want to know what you think of this scheme? Please email your views to

Hello from Style Brands!

Style Brands is one of the longest-established Modeshift Partners. We supply:

  • Promotional Products & Bespoke Gifts
  • Sports-, Work- & Safety wear
  • Printed Literature (e.g. leaflets, posters, brochures)
  • Office Supplies & Furniture
  • Web & Graphic design

  • Based in Kent near Canterbury, we are a family business established nearly 20 years. Working with Modeshift grew very organically for us as suppliers to Transport for London for well over a decade, providing everything from graphic design to T-Shirts to high visibility goods, water bottles, travel wallets and pin badges.

Be Bright Be Seen

The end of British summertime is fast approaching next month. With clocks going back by an hour on Sunday 28th October most of us may be travelling home in the dark, if not already. Have you thought ahead to how you can help yourself be seen on your journey?

Whether walking to and from school, the shops, or walking the dog, during foggy and overcast days pedestrians should wear something brightly coloured and something reflective at night. Choose a bag or rucksack with hi visibility strips. Fluorescent and reflective armbands can be worn over coats and clothing, and stickers can be used on bags. Reflective dots on knees and ankles can really draw attention to runners during dark nights.
Keep to the footpath where there is one, if not, keep to the right hand side of the road so you can see oncoming traffic.

Many people riding bikes (or scooters!) at night assume that street lights are enough for a motorist to see them, as they can see themselves. This is not the case and many incidents involving bicycles during the dark nights are due to cyclists in dark clothing with no lights or reflectors. Drivers are looking for lights, so when a cyclist appears with no lights, it comes as a surprise.

At night, bikes must have white front and red rear lights lit, in addition to a red rear reflector. White front reflectors can also help you to be seen, and spoke reflectors will help other road users see you from the side.

Other things like reflective tape and flashing valve caps are also available. Any part that is moving, such as knees and ankles and valves, and is either reflective or illuminated, draws drivers’ attention to you quite well.
Wear bright and if possible reflective clothing and still always believe that the driver has not seen you.

Your Campaign

Are you thinking about a road visibility campaign for the darkening months ahead? Whether you require plain, unbranded stock or personalised with your authority’s logo or initiative’s design, Style Brands can help define and supply the right visibility products. One of our most popular products within the Modeshift community are our silicone LED bike lights, which can be attached to bags, bikes, scooters, belt loops – anywhere!

If you’d like to see examples of our work for previous campaigns to gain inspiration and understand what’s available, please don’t hesitate to ask anyone in the team.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, would like to know more about a particular product, service or perhaps not quite sure where to start with a campaign or initiative, please give us a call on 01795 890 900, email or visit our website

To see our most popular clothing garments please click follow link here: CLOTHING

Anuschka Natley is your Modeshift Representative at Style Brands, she is contactable via .

Voting now closed for National Sustainable Travel Awards 2018

Thank you for voting for one of the 26 finalists shortlisted in each category for this year's National Sustainable Travel Awards.

The winners will be announced at the Modeshift Annual Conference Awards Evening on Thursday 1st November.

If you haven't booked yet please do so by visiting

Coughing robot teddy bear warns pedestrians of toxic air levels on London’s most polluted streets

A coughing robot teddy bear is helping to highlight the levels of polluted air in London.

Campaigners James Crosby and Will Cottam, both creatives at advertising agency McCann London, are using a soft toy because it can be difficult for people to "visualise" toxic air.

"Toxic Toby" is pinned to lamp posts next to flowers to make it look like a memorial. But he startles pedestrians by raising a paw and coughing when air pollution breaches legal levels .

The movements are controlled remotely by Mr Crosby and Mr Cottam, who are hidden from view.?

The men analyse pollution data from the BreezoMeter website to work out when to animate the bear. Toby has a speaker in his chest, and can also move his head and raise his eyebrows.

Mr Crosby said: "People tell us they’ve lived on a road for years but didn’t realise how polluted it was."

Toby is being deployed on highly polluted streets such as Marylebone Road and Brixton Road.?

For more information visit

Space-Saving Cycle Parking for the Workplace

Around 42% of people aged five and over in the UK own a bicycle - that’s about 25 million!

Though a fantastic 700,000 people in the UK have signed up to the Cycle to Work Scheme, this number could be a lot higher, considering the amount of people who own a bike. So what’s putting people off getting on their bike in the morning?

Bikes can be a big investment, so it’s natural that those who own one want to keep it safe. Here lies one reason for fewer cycling commuters; it would seem that the rising popularity of cycling hasn’t been matched by a sufficient rise in places to store bikes securely.

Of course, not every workplace has room for large cycle compounds. Therefore amongst many inner-city offices, schools, train stations and university campuses, there is an increasing need for space-saving cycle storage.

Practical parking facilities can play a big role in encouraging cycling as a viable transport alternative, and you’ll find there are options to equip a range of locations. Take a look at this list of cycle storage innovations for businesses and buildings which struggle to find free space.

Cycle Storage Solutions for Car Parks: You Have the Right to Take up Space!

The Drum

Many businesses are unaware of quite how much space they actually have. It’s all down to priorities. Did you know that you can fit an entirely enclosed shelter (with room for up to six cycles) within the parameters of a car parking space?

Cycle drums can be installed wherever there’s sufficient space, so whether or not you use an existing car park spot is up to you… but why pass up the opportunity to place cycling front and centre? It’s time to remind people quite how much time and space we dedicate to cars, and shine a light on the practical alternatives!

Retro-Fitted Hoop Stands

You no longer need to look for a completely empty area in order to provide cycle parking. You can use specially designed cycle racks to convert existing bollards and lampposts into stands for up to two bikes at a time.

Now, individually this doesn’t sound like much but when installed across a car park and around a building, it really makes a difference; you’ll find cyclists are quickly inspired to make these most of new, secure spots.

Vertical Cycle Parking: When You Can’t Go Outwards, Go Upwards!

The Carousel

A cyclical, space-saving bike carousel provides a vertical solution to storing bikes efficiently. These units are usually designed with a strong, centralised rack – therefore each bike can be secured at multiple points across its frame. Furthermore, this rack also makes it easy to attach a canopy or roof without taking up any more space.

Wall Racks

It’s possible to keep cycle storage close to the building without encroaching too far into the pedestrian area.

By choosing an angled design you can provide a solution which is time efficient as well as space efficient. This is because the racks can ‘cup’ one wheel in place at ground height, leaving gravity to do the rest; all that’s needed is to add the padlock of your choice!

The Two-Tier Bike Rack

This storage solution is increasingly popular at train stations in commuter areas. The idea is to create two levels of bike racks one above the other, thus doubling the capacity without taking up ground space. For those unable to secure their bikes on the top-tier, (due to height restrictions or upper body strength), the ground-level stand removes any potential restrictions for cyclists, making it usable for all!

Don’t let your workplace get away with insufficient cycle storage!

Whether or not there are already parking facilities in place, there’s always room for more; why not suggest one of these sustainable, practical solutions at your next meeting…?

Introduction to Travel Plans - Accredited CPD - Limited space available

Our Introduction to Travel Plans CPD Accredited Training takes place in Sheffield on 2nd October. We are looking forward to seeing all course delegates for what is set to be a great day. We have limited places left on this course but there is still time to book your place. Visit and book today.

Walk zones meet personalised travel planning - PWLC Projects

Over the last year and a half we’ve been working with 12 of Haringey’s schools to target parents who continue to drive to school. We’ve had a lot of fun implementing our successful air quality and walking zone workshops - pupils go outside to plot the zones themselves, creating a realistic walk zone map for their school.

Leaflets and resources are produced and used as a basis for pupil led awareness raising activities. In the Summer term this year six schools promoted the launch of their walk zone map as a Car Free Day and hosted a range of activities in their playground including Golden Lock Competitions, Dr Bikes, Air Quality Snakes and Ladders, conversations about the walk zone map and Personalised travel plan for parents. We’ll be carrying out 300 conversations at each school involved in the project. Most of these will be with parents but also some with local residents who live in the streets around the school.

Year 1 schools have already received a combined total of 1800 PTP’s and 500 Haringey Smarter Travel Pledges were made by parents who committed to make changes to the way they travel. PTP is a great way to reach out to parents and residents – face to face conversations about specific journeys that they do, with advice and suggestions tailored to fit with their lives, desires and motivations.

We asked participants how many other people they lived with and as such we know the first year of the project alone has the potential to directly influence the travel behaviours of 6,736 residents of the London Borough of Haringey.

There has been a decrease in car use for the journey to school of between 1% and 6% at five out of the six schools initially involved, and we’re excited to see what our follow up PTP’s will tell us about the travel behaviours of those who participated in year 1. Watch this space …

Bristol Airport Bus and Rail Connections Leaflet

Bristol Airport is the ninth largest airport in the UK, handling more than 7.5m passengers flying to over 120 destinations across 30 countries.

Travelling to and from Bristol Airport by bus or coach is easy and convenient and with Bristol Temple Meads just 8 miles away, passengers can connect easily to the national rail network.

To promote these bus and rail connections, Bristol Airport approached Pindar Creative to produce a map to highlight the direct bus services and convenient links to local and national rail stations. The maps also highlighted the connecting bus stops within the cities of both Bath and Bristol.

For more information and to view a copy of the map visit

Grab a sidekick and become a Super Commuter this Liftshare Week 2018

This Liftshare Week you don’t need to be bitten by a radioactive spider, be exposed to gamma rays or put on a cape to transform into a Super Commuter.

Liftshare Week is a national initiative to encourage people of the UK to try liftsharing during Liftshare Week and thanking those who already do. This year, the week runs across the UK from 1st – 7th October 2018.

Liftshare Week not only encourages people to give Liftshare a try, but also promotes the well-being, environmental and financial benefits of sharing journeys. Our members have expressed how sharing reduces the stress of the commute, and our average regular sharers save over £1000 a year!

This Liftshare Week, we encourage you to become part of our growing legion of Super Commuters by signing up to (or your organisation’s community) and grabbing a sidekick: by adding your regular journey and finding a match. Being your very own superhero not enough? We’ve got a Liftshare Week competition that will be your kryptonite! By becoming a Super Commuter, you could win a year’s pass for you and a friend for Cineworld or Odeon. For more information, visit

We’re encouraging organisations to get involved by promoting the week to their staff, with free downloadable material available on and marketing bundles available through our Client Engagement Team. Businesses will reap the benefits too, with a reduction in local congestion and impact on car parks, simply by filling some of the 36 million spare passenger seats on the commute.

For more information about Liftshare Week 2018, follow us on Twitter or email Membership, Campaigns and Communication Manager, Laura:

15% discount at POGU

Modeshift partner POGU is offering 15% discount off all products ordered by 30th September. For more information or to order contact

Opportunities to join the Modeshift Board - now open, apply today.

Joining the Modeshift Management has been described by current board members as a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Board members have the opportunity to shape the future of the organisation whilst developing skills, experience and knowledge in sustainable travel.

Modeshift is led by a management board of voluntary members who are transport professionals in the field of sustainable travel. Positions on the board last for two years and the time has come for members to apply to join the board. There are no cost implications for you or your Local Authority, just some of your time depending on the role.

There are five positions that members can apply for and they include;

  • National Chair of Modeshift
  • Communications officer
  • National Travel Awards officer
  • Regional Representative for the South East
  • Regional Representatvie for the South West

If you wish to apply to join the board then please email for information and an application form

The deadline to apply to join the board is Friday 21st September. All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the end of October before a formal announcement is made at the AGM.

Have you booked your place on our Introduction to Travel Plans CPD course?

Modeshift "Introduction to Travel Plans' CPD Accredited Training (Sheffield)

The Modeshift 'Introduction to Travel Plans' CPD-accredited training course has been designed with local authority members of staff in mind that are new to this area and covers school, workplace and residential Travel Plans. 

Specifically the course will look at:

  • Introducing Travel Plans
  • Developing the Travel Plan document
  • Travel Plan initiatives
  • Effective Travel Plans

    Cost per delegate is £199 for Modeshift members and £375 for non members and we have a maximum capacity of 16 places on this course.

     For full details and to book your place visit

    Voting is open for the National Sustainable Travel Awards 2018

    Well done to the 26 finalists in this year's National Sustainable Travel Awards. A huge thank you to all Members who submitted an application and commiserations to those that have not been shortlisted on this occasion.

    The quality of the excellent entries is evidence that there's some fantastic, innovative work being carried out all over the country. We will upload information on all Finalists in our website Knowledge Share section after the Convention.  Please consider sharing information on your project at your Regional Meeting.

    Please take a look at the shortlist on the Awards 2018 page and cast your vote for your favourite. Each individual Member has one vote per category, and the average vote for each organisation will be calculated to give the final score from that organisation.

    Love to Ride - Cycle September

    Love to Ride’s biggest annual event Cycle September is taking off! Cycle September is all about getting as many people as possible to try riding a bike.

    Organisations and workplaces will compete to see who can get the highest percentage of staff riding. Cycle September runs on Love to Ride’s behaviour change platform and it’s designed as a fun, friendly challenge where a 10 minute ride is all it takes to participate.

    Anyone can sign up, encourage friends and colleagues to take part and enter prize draws to win goodies from Mango Bikes, Cyclehoop, Proviz, UPSO and blubel. There are hopefully already a lot of Modeshift members signed up but if not then it’s quick to do at

    Last year more than 3,500 organisations and 26,000 people signed up to Cycle September in the UK. This year, the Bristol-based Love to Ride team hope to beat that record in UK and abroad, as this is also Love to Ride’s first global campaign

    Achieving those numbers relies a lot on funded areas where local project managers work hard to engage with local organisations and stakeholders, offering tailored events for their area.

    Now it’s increasingly also workplaces that want to support their staff to ride more, with all the great benefits this brings such as healthier, happier and more productive staff, improved sustainability, lower parking costs and so on.

    We invite all Modeshift members to sign up to Cycle September at - and help spread some cycling love! To find out more about how to bring to your organisation and take part in the new year-round Ride 365 programme, just drop an email to and we will be back in touch.

    Why do active travel levels increase after 1 day with Scoot Fit?

    Most people’s perception is that riding a scooter is straightforward and that children find them simple and easy to use and every child has the natural ability to ride them confidently and competently.

    However this is perception is wrong and now their is evidence to prove this.

    Our statistics in the North West show 30%-60% of children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 do not have the physical literacy skills to scoot in a straight line.

    This percentage starts to drop down from Year 2 upwards because of the natural physical development of children and in Year 5 and 6 the number drops to 10%.

    Mott MacDonald on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester were asked to run a project in 4 Stockport schools with Scoot Fit. The reason behind the project was a school in Stockport had noticed an increase in active travel levels after a visit from Scoot Fit.

    Why did the increase happen?

    The Stockport school which had an increase in Active Travel resulted because Scoot Fit identified a large majority of children who couldn’t scoot and had given up from all year groups.

    After these children had been given one to one training focusing on their posture, balance and technique they developed the competency and confidence to scoot.

    The result was these children felt empowered and enthused and started scooting to school, something they had to watch their friends do.

     Highlights of the Project EYFS and Year 1



    Amount of children Participated in EYFS and Year1 


    Number of children who thought they could scoot in a straight line 

    Number of children who could scoot in a straight line


    Number of children who couldn’t scoot in a straight line

    Number of children who could scoot in a straight line at end of session

    Number of children who couldn’t scoot in a  straight line 

    A PS







    G PS







    W PS







    B PS















    The highlights from the project with Mott MacDonald and TFGM for EYFS and Year 1 were:

    418 children participated, 293 could scoot in a straight line 70%, 125 children were unable to scoot in a straight line 30%, At the end of the training 95% of children could scoot in a straight line.


    Scooting is not as easy as it looks and takes a certain degree of balance, agility, co ordination, muscle strength and endurance.

    Lots of school children up and down the country will have given up on scooting believing they just can’t do it and will not scoot to school.

    After Scoot Fit training we will identify these children and get them scooting by improving their physical literacy skills, confidence and self esteem which results in more children scooting to school.


    If you would like any more information or you want to raise active travel levels at your school please contact us.


    If you’ve never seen Scoot Fit is action please watch our video, this is what really engages children and changes behaviour.

    Think Global! From Room 9 Media

    Whilst we were recently on holiday in Kefalonia, I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up half a dozen manky plastic bottles off an otherwise glorious wildlife-friendly beach. If I’d been spotted I would have felt pretty embarrassed which is obviously not a feeling shared by those who’d dumped them in the first place.

    So how does this fit into sustainable travel I hear you say?!

    The simple fact is that if we’re promoting a message about sustainable travel we are, like it or not, part of a larger environmental movement. We can turn this to our advantage to make our point within the context of wider global concerns.

    The Wider Picture

    In the last twelve months, we’ve all become painfully aware of the massive problems of plastic in our oceans. The site of huge mounds of floating plastic and wildlife feeding on it, has rightly caused universal alarm. People are seriously looking for alternatives to plastic on an unprecedented scale.

    And yes, there’s also plenty that we can say about this from our standpoint.

    As you know, plastic starts its life as oil, much of which is extracted from the seabed where it tragically returns in the form of endless plastic bottles and literally tonnes of discarded packaging.

    On the other side, petrol - fuelled vehicles pollute the air which in turn send acid rain into roads and industry gets washed into rivers and ends up in the sea.

    Where to start

    As part of our small contribution to linking sustainable travel to the health of our oceans, we’ve produced a simple activity brochure ‘Air, land and sea’’ which gives students the opportunity to learn about the benefits of sustainable travel. It is accompanied by a webpage www.room9media/ALS which links to some leading interactive websites on the topic.

    So if you wish to "Think global, act local" you may wish to consider the air, land or the sea to give an overview before you tackle those parents who won’t stop revving up their engines outside the school gates....

    For more information contact or visit

    Inquiry into boosting take-up of active travel options

    The Transport Committee has launched an inquiry to consider ways of increasing active travel across England.

    Switching from motorised transport to walking and cycling has clear benefits for people's health and the environment. But the take-up of active travel varies widely across England, and is far behind other European countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark.

    The reasons for low take-up vary, but it is often due to perceived safety risks, poor planning, quality of street design and supporting infrastructure. For many, the private car is still viewed as a much more convenient alternative.

    The Transport Committee is calling for submissions on a range of areas. For further information including how you can get your views heard visit

    Meet the Modeshift Team - Michael Kitchen

    Job title: Youth Travel Ambassador Team Leader at Transport for London / London Transport Museum

    Modeshift Board Responsibility: Regional representative for London

    How long have you been with Modeshift?
    I have been a board member since November 2017.

    If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? Cycling because of the sense of freedom you get each time you get on a bike. You get exercise without even realising it and you can literally see the world by bike – my great grandparents travelled Europe by bike well into their 70s!

    Tell us something we didn’t know about you?
    I used to be a professional dancer/choreographer – dance, travel, it’s all about movement! I performed with RPM Dance Theatre, Bollywood Grooves and Paraiso School of Samba.

    What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Developing the YTA programme resources, methodology and audience to the success it is today. First as one of the original team members and now as Team Leader. We now have over a third of London schools engaged in safe and sustainable travel and are seeing some impressive modal shift with our active travel focus schools.

    What do you do for fun? I love to explore whether it’s my own city (there’s always new places to discover in London), the Chilterns or experiencing the wildlife of Brazil.

    Meet the Modeshift Team - Nicky Batkin

    Modeshift Board MembersJob title: With Modeshift it's Awards Officer. In my day job, I'm Senior School Travel Advisor at Ealing Council.

    Modeshift Board Responsibility: Managing the National Sustainable Travel Awards.

    How long have you been with Modeshift? I have been a board member since October 2012.

    If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? Definitely walking! It’s a good form of exercise and travel, it’s free, you don’t need any equipment and, because I’m quite nosey, I get to see what’s going on around me.

    Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I volunteer! Not just for Modeshift but also at events, festivals and for community projects. This summer I ‘worked’ at British Summer Time in Hyde Park, London and will be at Children in Need’s CarFest South, over the Bank Holiday weekend. Earlier this year I ‘worked’ at a settlement in Cape Town, South Africa where I helped at a school and in the community. All great experiences that I would highly recommend!

    What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Working single-handedly, and on a very low budget, to support schools in Bucks achieve Modeshift STARS accreditation, resulting in Bucks having the highest number of STARS accredited schools in the country. On a personal note, it came as a complete surprise to be presented with an award, at the Modeshift Convention in 2016, for my Contribution to the National School Travel Awards.

    What do you do for fun? I’m a well travelled tourist and love to plan holidays with my family and friends. I enjoy short city breaks and long haul adventures.


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