Ross Butcher

Ross Butcher: Chair of Modeshift 2011-Present

Member of the board since 2008. Vice-chair 2009-2011.

Ross joined Transport for London in 2006 as a graduate transport planner and in 2007 completed a placement in the School Travel Plan team before joining the team Behaviour Change permanently in 2008. In 2009 Ross completed a Masters in Transport Planning Management as well as a dissertation on School Travel Advisors.

In 2018, Ross moved into the the newly formed Customer Marketing and Behaviour Change team and currently manages TfLs marketing, comms and behaviour change for Active Travel.

After joining the board in 2008, Ross became vice-chair in 2009 and took over as Chair in 2011.Since taking over as Chair Ross has overseen the expansion of Modeshifts membership base, the launch of Modeshift STARS and STARSfor and five accredited training courses. In 2012 Ross was invited to act as an external advisor to the European STARS project and he is now supporting the long term legacy plans in the partnering nine EU cities. In 2018, Ross was awarded a lifetime achievement award and recognised by Modeshift and its members for his contribution to sustianbale travel.

Prior to working in transport Ross has served as a director at a number of summer camps in the USA.

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