Nicky Batkin

Position: Best Practise Representative

Year joined the Board: 2012

Work:  London Borough of Ealing Council, Senior School Travel Advisor, February 2017

Brief career history: My sustainable travel career began in 2000 when I developed and delivered a travel plan and sustainable travel initiatives for my children’s school. I went on to work as a School Travel Advisor at Buckinghamshire County Council for over 16 years, before joining Ealing in 2017.

I now plan, manage and evaluate Ealing’s sustainable school travel programme, making a key contribution to the Council’s transport planning service and related strategies. I facilitate and project manage behaviour change initiatives that contribute towards more sustainable and active school and nursery journeys. I also develop and manage our road safety behaviour change programmes for schools.

Why joined the Board:  I joined the board to feed my passion for sustainable school travel and support others to make a difference in their communities. In Bucks I worked alone and so I felt the need to belong to a group that held the same views, that inspired and motivated colleagues across the whole country.

Personal: I am a well-travelled tourist. I have a passion for travel and like to visit new places, meet new people, taste different food and experience different ways of life, in the UK and overseas.

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