Nicky Batkin: Best Practice Officer 2018-present

Member of the board since 2012

Nicky Batkin joined the London Borough of Ealing in February 2017, as Senior School Travel Advisor. Prior to this she worked at Buckinghamshire County Council for over 15 years, developing STPs and projects to support, promote and deliver sustainable travel initiatives at schools across the whole county. Her creativity and innovative thinking has helped to develop a number of initiatives and campaigns, including Go for Gold, Buck’s very successful, award winning, sustainable travel incentive scheme.

In November 2016 Nicky was presented with a Modeshift award for her Contribution to the National Sustainable Travel Awards.

Nicky joined the Management Board in September 2012, as Comms Officer, moving on to the post of Admin Officer in 2014. in 2018,Nicky became our best practice officer, focusing on national and international best practice through the delivery of Modeshift communications and the National Sustainable Travel Awards.

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