Jon Foley

Position: Expert Advisor Partner

Year joined the Modeshift Board: 2020

Career history:  Jon is an experienced transport planning professional with over 30 years experience across local authority and the consultancy sector. In that time he has worked across transport strategy development, transport policy monitoring and evaluation and transport development planning. More recently Jon has specialised in travel behaviour change, sustainable transport and future mobility solutions. Jon is now considered a global leader in the development and delivery of travel demand management solutions and is trusted adviser with a specialism in the application of TDM solutions in a major international sports and other disruption event contexts particularly where marketing communications and community outreach is a requirement. He and the Company that he co-founded, In the Round Ltd, are trusted advisers to regional and national governments across the globe as well as direct to the organisers of major international sports events and operators of individual venues.

How did you become an Expert Advisor: The industry that we operate in is relatively small and in many ways still in its infancy. In this respect it is vital that we all share our knowledge and experience in order to accelerate the growth of the industry at a time when the world around us changes at great pace. I hope that by sharing what I have learnt, both in terms of building on the things that have gone well and evolving the things that did not go so well, and listening to the knowledge shared by others we can broaden our collective skills and continue to grow the industry in the way that it needs to grow.

Outside of Modeshift:  I love to travel both within the UK and internationally and I feel so fortunate that my work often enables me to do that. Different cultures fascinate me. In my spare time I also like to try to keep fit and find myself still trying to play football, touch rugby and also longish distance running. Family is important to me and so I spend as much time as I can with my partner and my 3 children either sharing in their pursuits (my youngest loves horse riding and is a budding musician and my oldest two are currently enjoying the challenges and opportunities of university life).

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