Denise Adolphe

Denise Adolphe

Modeshift Position: Communications Representative

Year joined the Modeshift Management Board: 2014

Place of work: London Borough of Haringey

Career history: I joined Haringey in 2012 with a remit of managing communications, consultation and the Smarter Travel programme. With the growth of the Smarter Travel programme I soon became the Active Travel and Health Manager. Currently I am working as a Business Manager within Highways and Parking. Before working at Haringey I had 18 years experience working in communications, marketing, consultation, community development and market research.

Why you joined the Board: I joined the board because I am passionate about sustainable travel. I really believe if we could all change at least 1 journey a week to a more sustainable mode it would improve our health and the environment.

Outside of Modeshift: I have a husband and two children who keep on my toes. I enjoy long walks and.cycle rides, particularly through the marshes, parks and along the canal. I also enjoy cooking, writing poetry and relaxing with friends and family.

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