Denise Adolphe

Denise Adolphe

Position: Communications Representative

Year joined the Board: 2014

Place of work: London Borough of Haringey, Business Innovation Manager, October 2018

Career history: I began my career in sustainable travel in 2012 when I started working at the London Borough of Haringey as the Active Travel and Health Manager.  I was tasked with managing the Smarter Travel programme, a behaviour change programme which aimed to improve cycling, active travel and health, reduce child road safety casualties and improve air quality and reduce transport related emissions.

Why joined the Board: I joined the Modeshift board because I have always been keen to reduce car journeys and improve health.  I have always walked or cycled my children to school and cycled to work when I was able to do so.  I believe that if everyone changed one journey, together we could make a massive difference.

Personal: I’ve been in two cycling films with my family so far. The latest was in April 2021 and can be viewed at Bikeability | Cycle Training | Essential Cycling Skills For Families

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