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'Walking Week' for Early Years

Our first ‘Walking Week’ for early years settings and childminders took place in October 2015. The idea started because we wanted to transfer the ideas behind ‘Walk to School’ week to make it more accessible and relevant for early years settings. We’d done a survey which showed that 53% of parents driving to nursery were travelling less than a mile, and over 50% of car journeys to nursery were less than 5 minutes. Also, in some schools, we were seeing increasing rates of driving to school. We wanted to try and sow the seeds and ideas of active travel far earlier in families’ ‘school’ lives. For our first campaign we provided posters and stickers, and a list of participation ideas. We also did a trial of ‘5 minute walking zone’ maps in a small number of settings.We now run the campaign each May and October. In October 2016 we developed it to become ‘Walking and Wheeling Week’ to include children in buggies, on scooters, and families who cycle.

Local Authority contact details

Polly Stebbens School Travel Advisor Transport Projects and Engineering Team Brighton & Hove City Council Ground Floor Room G/041 Hove Town Hall Norton Road Hove BN3 3BQ Direct Email: polly.stebbens@brighton-hove.gov.uk Tel: 01273 292357 South East region

Who was involved & what was their role?

The School Travel Team developed the ideas for the resources, based on our in-house resources we use for our schools’ ‘Walk to School' campaigns. The Council Early Years team helped us develop the ideas for the campaign, and helped promote it via their social media channels/other outlets. Our Council Design and Print team designed and printed the resources for us in- house.

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

Original posters/stickers £450 to design and print, although they child/adult characters which were an additional £300 spent previously ‘5 minute walking zone' maps approx. £20 per setting to design and produce PDFs and laminated copies. Vinyl banners for outside nurseries (which can be used again) - £40 each to print, design approx. £100. Core and Project funded (LSTF/Transition)

How was it developed?

We started by offering posters and stickers to nurseries and childminders, and a list of ideas of activities they could do to encourage walking and park & stride to their settings. The ‘5 minute walking zone’ maps were sent with sample wording for the settings to use to promote their use. For the next campaign we produced printed and downloadable certificates. Settings fed back that they wanted to be more inclusive of children in buggies and wheelchairs and to include more scooting and cycling. In October 2017 we developed the campaign to become ‘Walking and Wheeling Week’ to include those modes. Our ‘ideas for participation’ pack is now updated for each new campaign to include activities which nurseries have come up with themselves. About half of the settings in the city now have ‘5 minute walking zone’ maps, which we provide for them in both in laminated and electronic versions.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

For our first ‘Walking Week’, around 1/3 of settings in the city took part, with nearly 5000 children on role at those settings. Numbers continue to be similar for each campaign. After the 2nd ‘Walking Week’ campaign in May 16, we then updated it to become ‘Walking and Wheeling Week’ for Oct 16 - to include buggies, scooters & bikes. We held this again in May 17. For our next campaign in Oct 17, following requests from nurseries, we are also offering ‘Walking and Wheeling Month’ as well as ‘Walking and Wheeling Week’ resources. In May 18, we are planning to have a ‘Meerkat Walking Trail’ as part of the ‘Walking and Wheeling Week’.We have increased the resources we offer from just posters, stickers and a list of participation ideas to now include certificates, and vinyl banners to put up outside the setting. Initially only small number settings got ‘5 minute walking zone’ maps, but we offer these more widely now, as nurseries give them very positive feedback and use them year round.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

Engagement and involvement with target group - settings provide ideas for activities for each new ‘ideas’ pack. Joined up approach – resources are similar ‘branding’ to our schools’ resources so they are recognisable when children move on to school. Can measure success in outputs/outcomes – we know number of participating settings, and travel data collected by participating settings shows ‘improving’ data. Sustainable - resources are undated, so can be used again, and means settings can carry out ‘Walking Weeks’ at any time they wish. Most resources downloadable/printable. Transferable – ideas and resources are relatively simple to produce. They are already themselves transferred from the ideas and resources behind ‘Walk to School’ week! Cost effective – see budget /costings section Identifies barriers and provides solutions ‘5 minute walking zone’ maps mean settings can encourage all families to participate, even if the parents have to drive on to work.

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