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Up Cycling Ladies

A cycle training project specifically designed to meet the needs of under represented women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. This provided women with skills to participate in a low cost effective way of Keeping fit and healthy. By working with schools in partnership, we were able to build and network amongst school Communities. Through cycle training we were able to dissolve language barriers and build confidence in BAME women.

Local Authority contact details

Haringey Council Smarter Travel Team 020 8489 5351 Smarter Travel Officer Halema.uddin@haringey.gov.uk

Who was involved & what was their role?

Bikeability trained Haringey Smarter Travel Officers & ext. cycling instructor identified needs of all women attending sessions listened to their requirements ie ethnically aware, female only instructors.Sourced funding from small grants & TfL to purchase bikes in 2 schools – sustainably, can be borrowed by other schools.Delivering cycle training courses for beginners

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

Purchasing 10 bikes, locks, cycle helmets £3000. Hire of two cycling instructor @ £30 per hour for 2hour per week for 4 weeks £240.00x2 =£480.00 Haringey officers delivering cycle training sessions free to schools.

How was it developed?

After receiving requests from parents who attend school coffee morning sessions, their barriers to cycling ranged from confidence, facilities, but mainly due to cultural obstacles such as traditional dress as well as necessity of remaining discreet and having female instructors. Halema devised a cycling project which would not only support the parents/carers to keep fit, but could also offer an alternative to driving. A majority of the parents did not have bikes. The schools were encouraged to apply for the Cycle Grants for Schools funding from TfL, which enabled them to purchase bikes for the training. These could stay at school to develop the scheme further with new trainees.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

We are currently in the second year of the project and have so far undertaken 5 courses in 4 schools, each session is 2 hours and we hold 4 week courses, Approximately 15-20 parents on each course. This has become very popular schools have booked us for cycle courses in September and May 2018. Schools that have already taken part are keen to participate and run more courses. The women now have a higher level of road safety awareness and have been empowered to ensure that their children and families have safer bicycles. They also know how to access cycle training for their family and the skills learned in cycling sessions can be used when they are driving too, therefore the scheme has wider effect. We have two more schools booked for June/July and 3 schools on our waiting list. Cycling delivers the priorities set within our council to improve health and wellbeing and improve longevity of our residents.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

This initiative meets the criteria in many ways as it demonstrates engagement of target groups identifying barriers faced by ethnic needs and dress and adapting delivery of training accordingly. It involves a joined up approach with schools and their communities by working with 2 schools together, sharing resources and mixing faiths. This has proven to improve the communication between parents and schools. It is sustainable and transferable as the bikes purchased are available for further training sessions and schools are keen to promote with their parents and staff. It utilises funding already allocated to our cycling training provider thus increasing our adults being cycle trained. The scheme allows our staff to put their cycle instructor training into action and meet with our residents. The outputs are measurable as we can see the number of improved cyclists moving through the bike ability scheme. This improves every participant’s road safety awareness too.

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