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Suzanne Jessel and Rockmount Primary School

Suzanne has been working on sustainable school travel for several years (since 2011 according to STARS) and is one of LB Croydon's most passionate and enthusiastic school travel champions. Suzanne's involvement meant that Rockmount Primary School become Croydon's first Gold level STARS accredited schools in 2012, and has been a Gold level school ever since. Suzanne takes up the vast majority of activities on offer for the borough, whether it be to take part in the Croydon Cycle Festival or to secure new cycle storage facilities for the school users. Her passion and enthusiasm ensures that school travel is always on the agenda at Rockmount. Suzanne has previously won STC of the year at the in 2012/13 TfL STARS seminars.

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Lewis Campbell LB Croydon

Who was involved & what was their role?

Suzanne has been STC for several years - my records go back to 2011 but this could be longer. Suzanne was involved in the safer routes to school partnership which was unfortunately scrapped but through Suzanne's guidance, the JTA pupils of Rockmount put together a presentation for the cabinet member for transport and environment to emphasise that safe and sustainable travel must be facilitated.

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What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

In 2010/11 - 35% car usage, 52% active travel In 2012/13 - 37% car usage, 57% active travel In 2015/16 - 27% car usage, 68% active travel - Suzanne noticed the increase and has been pushing active travel and sustainability every since! The school have not uploaded their current survey but have informed me that approximately 40% of these are using bike or scooter! Without Suzanne's passion, the school may not have had so much success. Image of new shelter attached - I've e-mailed some e-mails from Suzanne to Ross Butcher which display her enthusiasm

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Shows engagement and can measure success in outcomes.

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