Contribution to sustainable travel - Individual

Jessica Fox-Taylor, Sustainable Transport Team Leader

Jess is a dedicated project manager and passionate advocate for sustainable travel, both in work and outside of work. She has contributed to a number of sustainable transport projects in B&NES and across the West of England Partnership area. Having worked for B&NES Council for 10 years, with 9 years being dedicated to road safety and sustainable transport, Jess has developed a track record for successful sustainable transport outcomes. By fostering good working relationships with partners, Jess has led the delivery of exciting and innovative projects. These include the Active Travel to Schools programme in partnership with Sustrans, Bike Kitchen project in partnership with local homeless charity Julian House and the launch of the Nextbike scheme in Bath. Jess provides invaluable support to the sustainable transport team, with excellent leadership, guidance and inspiration in the delivery of our projects.

Local Authority contact details

Hannah Brittain – School Travel Plan Officer, Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES Council) (01225 394262) Joanna Sammons – Assistant Transport Planner, B&NES Council (01225 477608) Gary Peacock (Jess’ Line Manager) – Deputy Group Manager, Highways & Traffic B&NES Council (01225 395307)

Who was involved & what was their role?

Jessica Fox-Taylor Work roles at B&NES Council: May 2015-present: Sustainable Transport Team Leader Apr 2012-Apr 2015: LSTF Coordinator Oct 2008-Mar 2012: Road Safety Officer (Safer Routes to School) Roles outside of work: Jun 2010-Dec 2015: Breeze Ride Leader & Ride Lead Tutor, British Cycling 2013-16 Master of Science (MSc), Transport Planning, University of the West of England (UWE)

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

Jess’ leadership and passion for delivering exciting and innovative sustainable transport projects has led to a track record for funding bid success for sustainable travel in B&NES, including LSTF, STTY and Access Funding pots from the DfT. Currently Jess oversees Access West Grant funded projects for B&NES Council, managing 4 staff posts and a combined revenue and capital budget exceeding £1m.

How was it developed?

As a Road Safety Officer, Jess oversaw the Safer Routes to School team, School Travel Plans (STPs) and initiatives to encourage walking & cycling to school. She led a successful campaign to achieve 100% of B&NES schools holding an STP by 2010 and went on to become LSTF Coordinator. In this role, she supported and implemented projects to boost sustainable travel in businesses and educational settings across B&NES, in partnership with SDG and Sustrans respectively. When appointed Sustainable Transport Team Leader at short notice, Jess embraced the role and made supreme efforts to develop her management skills and support staff through a busy period with internal changes. In addition to overseeing Access West Grant funded projects for the Council, Jess also represents the team at events such as the Tour Series. Jess works tirelessly to ensure team activities are conducted with maximum effectiveness, so that targets are met, and indeed often surpassed, in the area of sustainable transport.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

Jess is continually looking for effective ways to expand our sustainable transport programme in B&NES and improve our reach. For example, Jess has continued to develop the Nextbike scheme and is considering introducing electric bikes to the bicycle hire fleets across Bath in an effort to improve access to the more hilly areas around the city (of which there are many!). She is also developing a programme of interventions to encourage an increase in electric vehicle usage. Further demonstrating her commitment, Jess studied part-time alongside her full-time role at the Council. This had a particular focus on reconciling society’s need for movement and development with protection and improvement of natural and urban environments. Jess’ approach epitomises a forward-thinking championing of sustainable travel as a major solution for the wide range of societal and environmental issues we are facing today.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

Joined up: Jess has employed a joined-up approach with external partners (i.e. Sustrans) and internal Council departments (i.e. Active Lifestyles, Public Health) to maximise the impact and efficiency of the team’s work. Jess negotiated for Modeshift STARS to be added as a requirement in the Director of Public Health Award (DPHA), which led to an increase in schools signing up to STARS. Measure success: Jess’ meticulous approach to project planning and delivery allowed the team to continually record outputs and outcomes and measure project progress against set targets. Cost effective: Against a backdrop of ever diminishing grant revenues, Jess has been able to successfully support Nextbike in Bath to become a viable, stand-alone business entirely self-funded from user income. Identifies barriers and provides solutions: Jess has a pragmatic, solutions-led approach, which has led to the successful delivery of many sustainable travel projects in B&NES (i.e. Nextbike, Modeshift STARS).

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