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The Travel Incentive Voucher Scheme

To reward and encourage staff based at Next's Head Office and Leicester Directory sites, staff are given a daily £2 travel incentive voucher if they sustainably travel to and from work. To claim a voucher staff must register with the sustainable travel champion their mode of travel to and from work. To be eligible to claim a voucher they must travel by the following methods Walk Run Cycle Car Share Drop Off Train Motorcycle

Local Authority contact details

Sarah McAlinden Sustainable Travel Champion Next Plc Desford Road Enderby LE19 4AT 01162846429 Head Office is based in Leicester, however the company has stores and warehouses throughout the UK

Who was involved & what was their role?

Sarah McAlinden - Sustainable Travel Champion - Promote the travel incentive voucher via emails, poster campaigns and staff travel website. Oversee auditing of the vouchers Mark Donaldson - Maintenance Manager, Manager of Sarah McAlinden

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

The actual cost to the company is 1p per voucher, annually around £60,000 face value is issued to staff. The cost to the company is roughly £6000 per year Staff can spend the vouchers in the on site staff shops.

How was it developed?

In 2010 planning permission was submitted to create a multi-storey car park at the Head Office site, during the 9 month construction a huge number of staff parking spaces were lost. To encourage staff to sustainably travel, it was decided to reward staff with a daily voucher, which held no expiry date. Staff could spend the vouchers on the day they received them, or they could save them up to make larger purchases. Prior to launching the voucher scheme, around 1% of the total Head Office head count was already sustainably travelling. After launching the voucher scheme, a steady 13% of the head count began sustainably travelling on a daily basis.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

As the scheme proved popular, it was decided to continue after the car park construction work was completed. In 2015 the scheme was launched to the Leicester Directory Site. Regular email and poster campaigns take place at Head Office, with updated blogs on the travel website. New starters to the company are given information on sustainable travel in their welcome packs also. With this communication and the travel voucher scheme, the company now has 48% of its Head Office and Leicester Directory sites sustainably travelling on a daily basis. Later this year (2017) the scheme will be rolled out to our Warehousing sites. The scheme will remain as an on going venture. Details of the scheme can be found in the annual travel plan which can be viewed

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

This imitative has shown engagement with staff. The sustainable travel champion liaises daily with numerous enquiries to help staff change from driving alone to sustainable travel, including pointing out area's staff could buy property that sits on bus routes to the site. The initiative measures the success and outputs annually in the travel plan which is written by the sustainable travel champion. The scheme is sustainable, costs very little to run, which a great success rate which has reduced both the need to travel alone in the car, and reduced congestion on local road networks. As the vouchers costs the company very little outlay per year, it is a very cost effective scheme. By launching the scheme, barriers such as where staff live, if they live on bus routes/train routes, helping to find car share partners have been assisted by the sustainable travel champion explaining to staff how to use the liftshare website, by organising travel clinics in conjunction with local councils.

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