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JTA Film Project - Active and Sustainable Travel George Eliot Primary School

We received a brief from the school wanting to promote active travel solutions due to the school's desire to promote healthy living and healthy behaviours. All lot of parents/carers would park and idle outside the school gates and the pupils wanted to take a more sustainable mode of transport to school.

Local Authority contact details

Carla Lowe Westminster City Council Portland House Bressenden Place Victoria London SW1E 5RS 020 76414095 Region: London

Who was involved & what was their role?

We ran our programme with two student representatives from each year in the school - the Junior Travel Ambassadors x12. The JTAs are selected due to their social awareness and pro-active natures and this helped give the workshops impetus.

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

Project cost £1600 and was borough funded.

How was it developed?

The first workshop was a chance for the students to work through the filmmaking process and also tell and hear anecdotes about things they themselves have seen when out and about, on or near roads. This also started getting their ideas running. The second workshop helped the students hone in on one idea with a unique central character that could appeal to their audience of peers. The students also got to grips with GreenScreen Filmmaking in seeing its potential of creating background and foreground elements to bring their film to fruition. The final workshop focused on the students' designs, getting them to create the elements necessary to complete their film through art and design. This third workshop also allowed the students to rehearse their lines and to finalise the script.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

The final film is a sweet story about a frog who wants to walk (hop) to school rather than to sit in traffic, becoming healthier and happier through Park and Stride. The students also got announce other modes of travelling to their audience in GreenScreen. The film was very well received and shown to every class twice in order to allow the laughter to subside so the information could be listened to. The film contributed to George Eliot Primary School's TfL STARS and Healthy Schools London accreditations. The film is on the school website and every parent/carer was sent and link and asked to view the video via the provide link

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

It engaged with the target audience- pupils. Westminster Council worked with Sandbox Journeys as a joint venture. The resource is sustainable as it can be used over and over again and the message shared with other nearby schools. It identified and raised awareness of pupil’s journey to school and how you can solve it.

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