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Schools Yorkshire Tour

The Schools’ Yorkshire Tour is a cycle event for schools in Yorkshire to encourage pupils to use a cycle as a mode of transport, in particular to promote cycling to school. Pupils from 95 schools (700 pupils) across Yorkshire took part in a cycling relay starting in Sheffield on 12.06 17 to celebrate Bike Week. The baton travelled 245 miles to its final destination in Leeds on 27.06.17. A baton was passed from school to school and LA to LA along a pre-planned route across Yorks. There were a variety of cycling events planned at the schools taking part along the route as it passed through Barnsley, Wakefield, Doncaster, East Riding, York, North Yorks, Leeds, Bradford and Calderdale before finishing in Leeds with a celebration event attended by Sir Gary Verity. Pupils from each authority entered a competition for a slogan starting ‘I love cycling because… was completed by each school. Tweets of the event and the slogans were posted on #SYT2017 throughout the event

Local Authority contact details

Susan Walker 0113 378 7433 Leeds City Council; Yorkshire and Humber

Who was involved & what was their role?

The SYT was developed by 10 Yorks LA’s. Sustrans and WYCA Each authority recruited schools, pupils and support staff, planned the cycle route to make a continuous route and led the ride . Each authority risk assessed, provided back up vehicles.They promoted the competition and encouraged schools to Tweet. Supported by school staff, Police officers, LA, Sustrans, bikeability, cycle clubs,

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

Approx £7k –for the whole event. £2k donated by YPO to pay for 130 t- shirts (celebration event) pump bags and medals for 700 pupils , £3.5 k celebration event paid for by Leeds City Council, the remainder split between councils for sundry items.( t shirts, flags, banners etc). Each authority had varying budgets

How was it developed?

Once the idea was formed of a cycle relay from school to school, all authorities were contacted to see who would be interested in taking part. An initial meeting was held in Leeds with interested parties to decide if travelling throughout Yorkshire in a continuous route was achievable with the resources available. Various ideas and the formulation of the event were developed at subsequent meetings, with all authorities and organisations supporting each other. The event was formulated and Event Brief produced to be sent out to all interested parties in each authority; then delivered in each authority as agreed in the meetings.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

The Schools Yorkshire Tour aim was to promote cycling as a way of travelling to school and it achieved our aim as it received a phenomenal amount of publicity which gained momentum as the event progressed, finally appearing on Look North TV, radio, (Radio 2 Chris Evans Show and local radio) and local press. All pupils really enjoyed the event and it has encouraged them to cycle more often. All authorities have expressed an interest to run the event next year, Leeds City Council has offered to pay for the celebration event and talks have stated with YPO for sponsorship. Plans are already underway for the Schools Yorkshire Tour 2018. Cllrs and senior officer agreed this was an exceptional event worth further funding as the media attention it received delivered many of the councils priorities around physical activity, environment and congestion as well as delivering the TDF legacy.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

This is an innovative event that involves the wider school community. Schools engaged with the initiative by designing their own welcome to the Schools Yorkshire Tour with field art, balloons, whole school attendance, even a samba band. It has worked in partnership with 10 different local authorities and 2 separate organisations. It has included a wide range of partners across each authority. Despite 700 pupils actually taking part in the bike ride thousands of pupils were involved, coming up with the slogans for the competition and decorating the 95 schools. (Making the £7k cost effective with the amount of media coverage). This event is transferable and can be delivered in any authority; other areas can join in to the Schools Yorkshire Tour by expanding its boundary’s to include the whole of England if required

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