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‘MY BIKE’ provides free bikes and associated support to residents of Rutland who would not otherwise be able to access a bike. By doing so it aims to help them access education, training, employment, facilities and recreation. It also gives them the opportunity to cycle for leisure and health purposes. The bikes are distributed at ‘MY BIKE’ events where the recipients receive a free reconditioned bike, a helmet, a padlock and lights. They also receive a basic bike fit, a bicycle maintenance tutorial, security coding, instruction in basic bike handling and ‘on road’ cycle training. This ensures that they are fully equipped to ride and maintain their bike. The project brings together partners from the council, the fire and rescue service, the police, HMP prison and the private sectors and has so far provided 25 bikes, accessories and support to 25 individuals for a total cost of £945.

Local Authority contact details

Region: East Midlands Sally Redman-Davies, Sustainable Transport Officer, Rutland County Council. Catmose Oakham LE15 6HP 01572 720 975

Who was involved & what was their role?

Rutland County Council (RCC) 1. Sustainable Transport, Project Officer. 2. Road Safety, Assistance and advice. 3. Community Safety, Financial Support 4. Environmental Services, donations of bikes. 5. Adult Support Services, Rutland County Council – referral of suitable recipients 6. Children’s Support Services, referral of suitable recipients Please refer to email for x6 further entries.

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

30x helmets - RCC Community Safety -£350.00:Padlocks, safety kit, lights – RCC Community Safety- £295.00: Venue – Oakham Fire& Rescue Station- Free: Security Coding - Police - Free: Reconditioned Bikes – HMP Stocken- Free; Mechanics- HMP Stocken - Free: Child Cycle seats – donated by Halfords and Rutland Cycling- Free: Staffing - RCC- £300.00 Total £945.00

How was it developed?

The ‘MY BIKE’ project idea emerged via a conversation between 2 staff members regarding the number of bikes being left at civic amenity sites. An officer highlighted that one of the barriers to cycling was the lack of availability of a bike and the project idea was born. Although there are other bike projects out there ‘MY BIKE’ differs as RCC wanted to ensure that individuals most need of a bicycle would be able to access one for free. Liaison with HMP Stocken took place and they agreed to add RCC to the organisations who receive the bikes they repair and service . Other support was needed to ensure the project was a success.Therefore a plan was put together to distribute the bikes at an event where accessories and training could be provided. The project was targeted at those most in need who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access a bike. Referrals where sought from departments within RCC and other organisations and potential recipients were invited to the first event

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

At the ‘MY BIKE’ event all 19 recipients who had booked places arrived and received reconditioned bicycles, accessories and other support. Each recipients was given a basic bike fit, instructed in a bike safety check, attended a bike maintenance tutorial, had instruction in basic bike handling and were offered ‘on road’ cycle training. The event received positive media coverage from the Rutland Times and made the front page of the Rutland Mercury. This led to the project reaching other members of the community who responded very positively offering to donate bikes or sponsor elements of the project. It also led to a number of new applicants who are on the waiting list for the next event. A second event is planned for September with 18 booked places so far and further 3 more events in 2018. Bikes etc. are also distributed outside of events where need is more urgent. Six have been distributed this way so far.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

innovative or creative ‘MY BIKE’ builds on other refurbished bike projects because it provides the bikes free of charge to residents via a referral process to ensure those most in need will benefit. It also is a true example of partnership working resulting in the delivery of a very low cost project that helps overcome one of the barriers to cycling – the lack of a bike. It also reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise have to be disposed of by RCC. cost effective – This project can be delivered at a very low cost because it brings together partners who can all offer something of value to the project through provision of equipment, facilities or skills. Not only does it provide a bike free of charge, it also offers appropriate accessories & support to enable recipients to make the best use of it.Cost per individual is currently under £40.

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