Cheryl Tillman  It is every parents worst nightmare to receive 'that' knock on the door from the police, informing them that their child has been killed or seriously injured in a road accident.  I have experienced first hand such road accidents, as a police officer with Thames Valley Police and had the sad task of delivering bad news to parents. 

Driven to make a difference to these shocking accident statistics, particularly involving children, I set up For2Feet Ltd.  We now visit schools everywhere teaching pedestrian skills, scooter safety training and delivering road safety presentations.  We support and promote all initatives to get kids active, ensuring they arrive at their destinations safely.  You can ​contact me at  


Nevil Tillman  I am delighted to be working at For2Feet Ltd as the Director of Training. I bring several years experience as a marketing and training specialist as well as being a professional presenter and entertainer.  

I am passionate about road safety issues and have worked hard to develop new training initiatives that inspire and educate young children.  I ensure that every training session provided by For2Feet Ltd is delivered in an entertaining and memorable format.  The educational content has been carefully crafted with the help of teaching and road safety professionals to give the best overall training experience.

I am also a big fan of active travel.  I ensure that all our staff travel to their training venues by scooter and public transport and have to set an example by doing the same.

You can contact me at

Telephone: 020 3002 0350

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