Using Behaviour Change in Pedestrian Interventions for Children

Robin Whthe, Road Safety Officer at Telford and Wrekin Council recently used the transtheoretical model of behaviour change to design a road safety intervention aimed at parents and young children, after attending a behaviour change course.

Children were running across a busy road unsupervised and after a number of incidents, the school was concerned and wanted the issue to be addressed.

Firstly Robyn needed to find out what children already know about road safety. Questionnaires and tests were used depending on the age group.

Children also needed to understand the problem trying to be resolved. Story telling was used to aid this but interactive games and songs can work just as well.

Then children were enabled to take action. The green cross code was used and they were able to act this out in their classroom and on street. Parents and volunteers were also invited to attend the sessions on street. This was really helpful as they can also help to spread the message to others who haven't attended the sessions.

The information needed to be continually reinforced - so results were sent to the school along with ideas for further interventions to ensure that the children did not forget what they had learned.

For more information about this intervention and using the transtheoretical model of behaviour change, email



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