10 Travel Tales for National Storytelling Week and World Book Day

Are you ready for a story? National Storytelling Week stated on 27th January and runs until 3rd February, and World Book Day is coming up on 1st March. The flexibility of these popular events means they can be used by educators to inspire learning and interest in many different areas… including how pupils travel to school.

Brightkidz loves the idea of using these events to look at the theme of safe, active travel choices in children’s literature. Activities built around this can encourage them to make better travel choices and also help schools achieve accreditation for Modeshift STARS.

So Brightkidz has teamed up with Modeshift's very own Rob Bounds who, as well as being a school travel professional, is also a children's author. We've put together some practical activity ideas to help you and the schools you work with, including a peek at Rob's book A Rabbit’s Tale and another nine of our favourite active travel tales.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin...

Read more at https://brightkidz.co.uk/blog/10-travel-tales-national-storytelling-week-and-world-book-day



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