Walking Bus for Clean Air Day

St Andrew’s C of E Primary School in Bath held a Clean Air Day on 25 January 2018. Everyone was encouraged to join a walking bus on the way to school to get their Clean Air Day off to a great start! The school, parent volunteers and Bath & North East Somerset Council worked together to plan the safest, cleanest and most enjoyable route.

The walking bus was an ideal opportunity for families to walk, scoot or cycle to school instead of drive. The day showed that traffic,congestion and transport emissions can be reduced and road safety improved when when everyone works together. It was also a great opportunity for pupils to get some exercise.

The Clean Air Day is part of work to improve air quality in Bath, Saltford & Keynsham where Bath & North East Somerset Council has declared air quality management areas. This part of the project is a pilot with St Andrew’s School with the aim to roll it out to other schools in B&NES. It has the support of a range of teams across the authority and considers the safest and cleanest routes to school as well as walking buses and “park and stride” schemes. It also looks to develop advice on reducing exposure to air pollution; promote active travel; raise public awareness and support behavioural change with school children.



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