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I’m writing this on the way to the Modeshift Convention, and looking forward to getting together with partners from across the sector and hearing about all of the excellent work going on across the country.

The focus of this year’s convention is the future of sustainable travel.

The ongoing challenges of air quality, obesity and physical activity, climate change and congestion in cities shows that the future of travel has to be sustainable, and that to be truly sustainable it needs to be active. While technology will transform how we travel and the role of cars, walking and cycling will remain the most efficient way to move people around urban areas, and one of the best ways to incorporate physical activity into busy lives. Sustrans will continue to focus on making it easier for people to walk and cycle, particularly for everyday journeys to school and work.

The future of sustainable travel also has to be based on partnership, with national and local government, charities and technology companies all working effectively together. It’s great to hear about all the excellent work going on locally throughout the UK, much of it involving Sustrans working with local partners.

A great example of this partnership working is the Big Pedal, the UK’s biggest interschool cycling and scooting competition. The Big Pedal is delivered by Sustrans, but only a success due to the commitment of local authorities, schools and partners across the UK. We’re already planning for 2018; the date is set for April 23rd to 4th May, and we want it to be the biggest ever.

To find out more about Sustrans work, and how we can work together, take a look at our website or email on



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